soda is dead. Long live Soda!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I had my handle modified to Soda. It looked a bit sloppy in lowercase. But it’s still me, the Original Swedish Chick.

Pleased ta meetcha, miss Soda!
[sup]Uh… know where I can get a nice Swedish massage, perchance? :slight_smile: Besides Sweden![/sup]

lowercase is not sloppy.

but a capital looks good on you.

Much better. I hate undercapitalised names.

Look At Soda, Getting All Uppity Now That She’s A Regular!

I gotta agree with screech-owl on this one, I too enjoy a completly lowercase name. Of course, that’s because I’m too lazy to hit thew shift key if I don’t have too.

But if Soda makes you happier than soda, by all means congratulations!

Hi, I’m c_goat and I’m a lowercaser. I’m also an underscorer. Does that make me a bad person?

You know when you go to the grocery store and they’ve repackaged the General Crunchy Food Product in a shiny new package covered with “new and improved” and “wowee, man, will this new change ever rock your uptight little world”? And it turns out to be something like they subtracted 10 grams from the overall package weight, or added purple marshmallow horseshoes, or replaced the PPA with saltpeter?

Well that’s how I feel about your brash new name change. In the future, I’d have to suggest Soda!! or, as a Canadian, plain old “Pop”.

Yeah, I’m with Dr_Paprika on this one. As a Michigander, I must stick up for all us northerners in saying, WTF is up with soda? Dude, it’s pop. Lowercase or uppercase, it’s pop. Sorry man.

But, I’m with ya on the Capitaliation…damn, I feel like I’m talking about the economy here, Capitalization…oh well. Nice one, man.

I’m sorry Soda, but with the name change comes a resetting of your newbie meter. I’m afraid that you have to send all of us highregulars (1000+ posts) chocolate again, and kowtow to everyone with more than 500 posts until you are once more not a newbie. You may, if you ask politely be allowed to send the male highregulars pictures of yourself in a two piece bikini in leu of chocolate.

[sub]If you take this too seriously…you deserve to[/sub]

::weeps for soda::
[sub]Oh wait… am I taking you too literally? I am, aren’t I? Dammit.[/sub]


If I haven’t said it already, it’s good to see you posting again, Soda.