I’m back.

Damn, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

Slaughter the fattened calf.

Oh my, it has been quite a while. Where’ve you been?

In any case, welcome back!

Nah. You can’t get away with “Hi.”

How’s the family?
How did college work out?
You married, yet?
Have you escaped Steeler country or embraced the Steeler’s culture (such as it is)?

Now go start a Great Debate or go Pit someone.

So who are you?


Nah. You can’t get away with “Hi.”

Dang, I thought I could. :^)

How’s the family?

My younger brother, Ben, will be a sophomore at Westminster College, majoring in Elementary Education. My mother is unemployed and makes ends meet by selling antiques on ebay. My father is…well, he’s not doing so well. He’s in his last stages of cancer. Me and the family take care of him 24/7 with the help of hospice care.

How did college work out?

I’m at Geneva College, a private Christian college in Western PA, majoring in writing and possibly minoring in sociology. I fell far behind but I should be caught up now and will be a junior this fall. I’ve had quite the wacky and sometimes tragic adventures that happen to college people, but I’ve stayed true to myself too, and to my morals…I still don’t like alcohol and I’m still a virgin. I do love college a lot though, and am moving back next week.

You married, yet?

Nopers. I was with a guy named Ray shortly before I left the boards in 2000 or so, and we were together for a little over a couple years before I broke up with him for good my spring semester of my freshman year. Now, and for the past year, I’ve been seeing this guy named Chad who I’ve known my entire life. He’s an English major at my brother’s college and is a couple years older than I am…I met him at my church when we were little kids. Long hair, a biker, loves British literature and is a total gearhead…he’s really sweet though. Not sure about marriage though.

Have you escaped Steeler country or embraced the Steeler’s culture (such as it is)?

I must be a rare bird…I love Western PA and its silly quirks. I know everyone wants to get out of here and I can understand that it isn’t the most happening place in the U.S.A, but I could easily stay here my entire life. That won’t stop me from wanting to travel though.

Now go start a Great Debate or go Pit someone.

Hm, that could be fun! I’m more of a voyeur when it comes to the Pit…I like to watch but not participate. :^P

Welcome back! I wondered where you’d gone. Glad you’re doing well; sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you’ll be sticking around!

Who are YOU?

I am an old member of the old AOL board, and I was once a member of this board when the AOL one shut down in the mid-90s or so. However, because of a combination of life circumstances and the fact that I felt overwhelmed in such a large forum, I left the board in 2000. I became a successful journalist on Livejournal and I continued being friends with a lot of the SDMB people on there instead of the board.

However, I couldn’t help but look at links people in the LJ SDMB community posted, and it made me miss the board a lot. So after working out things with Jenny the Tuba Diva on my password that I had long forgotten, I decided to return.

I’m not offended that you don’t know who I am; there are probably thousands of people on here who joined long after I left who are thinking, “welfy who?” Heh.

Tell me a bit about yourself!

Welcome back Welfy.

Welcome back! I’ve been seeing you around LiveJournal, so I didn’t wonder where you’d gone, but I am glad you got that password thing straightened out. Go forth and post!

Welcome back!

I remember you, although I bet you don’t remember me… :slight_smile:

Nice to see you back.

Hi welfy!

I’m glad you finally got your password thing straightened out and are back at the SDMB.

Welcome back.


WTF is going on - this is the third thread now where someone has announced they are back.


I used to be Muldoon III for no apparent reason. A few weeks ago Tuba transformed me into SlickRoenick which is who i am. I’m 21 (22 on 30 September) and 175lbs. I work at Carroll County General Hospital as a user support specialist. I’m awesome at my job. I post a lot of questions b/c i’m anxious to learn. I don’t answer a whole lot of other posters’ questions b/c i don’t know much of the subjects. I’m fairly moderate politically though i tend to lean right and would get my fingers broken if i said anything GD so i just let the big dogs handle that stuff. But it certainly is nice to know who you are now. My friend Marissa just left for college Sunday and it’s a 5 hour drive and i feel very depressed without her now. So there’s just a bit about myself.

Welcome back, Welfy. Always good to see another old time Doper.

Hi Welfy. I was still beatle when last you graced these boards. Good to see you.

Welcome back!

Sorry to hear about your Dad. All I can say there is I wish you peace during this very trying times.

On the old board, I was…uh…I think…JA1166. I’ve been Shirley so long that I 'm starting to feel very Shirley-ish. If that is not down right scary, I don’t know what is.

Yay, return of the Welf!

It’s like springtime!!

hi welfy, welcome home.

i’m sorry to hear about your dad.

Hi. I’m Quasimodem.

It seems that you are highly thought of here, and I look forward to reading your posts.

I am very happy to meet you. :smiley:


Whoa, I was on vacation and missed this!


Ha! It’s Erin the Willow Elf! :smiley: