Hi… all am new here & needs new friends


from Kenya


Just to let you know. There are multiple forums on this site and usually general “hello” discussion threads get placed in the one called MPSIMS. So, don’t be alarmed if this thread gets moved there.

Welcome to the message board! Look around, read threads from the different forums and get a sense of the place. General Questions is for factual questions (like “when did Kenya’s economy first attract investor attention?”) so this thread will probably get moved to MPSIMS which is for personal chatting and greeting and getting to know people.

Welcome. We have people from all over the world on here so you may fit right in.

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Moving thread from General Questions to Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS).

Welcome Teirrah, I hope you find many interesting and thought provoking threads here.

Do you mind telling us a little about yourself and how you found this corner of the internet?

Welcome to the Dope! Please tell us about yourself, or ask any questions you like!

Where in Kenya? I lived in Uganda for a year, and my wife made a few trips to Nairobi.

If you play your cards right, you can also be President of the United States!

:wink: Welcome to the SDMB.


Nice to meet you and happy to have you with us! So – tell us something about yourself…