Hidden/bonus features on LoTR:EE

I have recently read that you can get a council of elrond scene with SMG and Jack Black on Disc 1 and a unreleased TTT trailer on Disc 2 but can find neither. Can anyone please tell me how to find them?:slight_smile:

On the first disk, go to select a chapter, then navigate to the last chunk of chapters. Leave your ‘cursor’ over the last chunk of chapters, then maneuver down once. Some sort of icon illuminates (I forget what it is, I think it’s a sun or an eye…?). Select that, and you should have your hidden scene.

Disk one:

Go to chapter select, and hit the last page of possible scenes. Move the cursor over to the right to the actual chapters, and click down until the gold ring appears. Hit enter.

Disk two:

Identical to the above, except a tower appears.

erm still nothing, ive tried doing what you’ve said, do i just click the mouse radomly below the chapter selections eg 25-27, or below each chapter heading e.g the council of elrond, and im really not sure what im supposed to do with my cursor, sorry guys! :frowning:

just keep pushing down on the cursor until it drops below the chapter listings. should work


Is that the one from the MTV Movie Awards?

watsonwil: Yep. Who’s the guy in that skit? I’m an OF, so although he seems vaguely familiar, I don’t recognize him.

Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Geller

I’m with Munch, here…mouse? Nani? I wonder how much relevance our advice will be on the computer…

Holy crap!
Are there more hidden things I should know about?

I found the trailer on disc 2, but I couldn’t get anythign to pull up on disc 1. Having seen that trailer now, after having watched TTT five times, I don’t think it was very well down. It gave away too much. There were lines said by Saruman which weren’t in TTT. I hope they’re in the expanded edition DVD.