Hidden flag?

I frequently read GQ messages, but I can’t find an easy way to hide those threads I’m not interested in. I don’t mean subscribing those I want to read, but to hide the others. Can it be done on the first page listing of GQ headlines, or do I have open threads and mark them read?

All you have to do with threads you don’t want to read is to not read them.

There is no way for you to not see the thread titles, if that’s what you’re asking.

A little button next to thread’s title to hide it forever for the logged visitor would be great. Usually there are 10% interesting and 10% new topics, but you have to read them all…

I know that implementing such a feature would increase database transactions and vBulletin-db could not store the hidden data forever, but usually threads don’t live longer than one week in GQ. So it would make about 8074 bytes in the database for each guest.

Why bother? You are the first person to complain about something so insignificent since I’ve been here.

My opinion insignificant:eek: Where is that thumb down button!:smack:



I’ve long wanted an “ignore thread” option. If you use Firefox, there’s a pretty good solution, described in that thread:


It worked well for me, but since I switched to Chrome I can’t use it anymore. I haven’t checked for a Chrome version yet, that may exist too.

Thanks, I’ve been ie-user since doing web-administering of my Windows 2003 Server. Maybe it’s time to change my preferences…

Sometimes I accidentally click on a thread I’m not interested in, and sometimes I read a thread and find it uninteresting. I’ve wished for a ‘Mark thread as unread’ option.

Do you ask the phone company to delete all those names and numbers in the directory of people you’re never going to call? Do you insist that a restaurant give you a menu that only lists what you want to eat? Maybe libraries should burn all the books you don’t want to read?

If anybody was asking for the Admins or SDMB to magically know which threads we would never read and block them from us, instead of simply asking for a mechanism for the user to hide threads we ourselves know we aren’t going to read, these might not have have been completely idiotic, utterly inapplicable analogies.

So you’re aware of all the complaints anyone has ever made since you joined? How do you do that?

This is a truly bizarre post.

The op is asking for something that procedurally works better for him/her than the current system. Computers are good at this stuff (in case you were not aware of that fact). He/she is probably asking for the same reason I would like it: because most of the time I am skimming past the same old threads that I didn’t visit previously and still don’t want to. It’s inefficient.
I was tempted to write my own (because I understand the sdmb has very limited technical resources), I have never used grease monkey but, if I remember correctly, it seems like that might be a solution.

No flag, no post! These are the rules…that… I just made up.

Raftpeople–if you are using Firefox, the above mentioned extension* is good enough. If you are using Chrome–good luck. Based on the number of crappy extensions, it must not be that easy to use. And you’ll be missing a lot of the functionality of the original GreaseMonkey if you try to use that.

*If you are like me, you may want to use version 2.2.4, as the New UI may be a little wonky, and immediate action (without a refresh) was removed. Use the “Old versions” link at the bottom to find it.

Oops–should have included a link to a commenthttp://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=833168 from the developer of FfvB. Extensions in Chrome are inherently more limited.

Using FF, tried Chrome when it first came out and hung up my system, haven’t tried again.

Thanks for the tip.