Ignoring a thread

Is there a mechanism on the board to not have certain threads show up in the list?

I realize that I can ignore a thread by, you know, ignoring it, but my incipient OCD is bothered by the “unread post” button.

I assume the answer is no, but sometimes there is functionality that isn’t widely known, so worth the question.

If there is, I am unaware of it. I suppose you might be able to change things up with how you VIEW threads but I don’t think that would be very satisfactory.

There’s probably a Greasemonkey script to not show threads started by anyone on your ignore list.

I wish there was a way to specify that when I click the “New Posts” button, I mean from every forum except Thread Games. I bet there are people who’d like to ignore other entire forums too.

Oh well, as you said, one can ignore things by simply ignoring them… [sigh]

It isn’t so much threads by particular people as it is threads that have wandered off topic and turned into food fights between a small handful of folks.

In particular, I’m currently ignoring “Interesting podcast conversation between Sam Harris and Charles Murray (of “Bell Curve” fame)” in the Pit. I made the mistake of checking it a few days ago, and won’t be making that mistake again.

GiraffeBoards has an option to edit the “New Post” link to exclude specific forums.

There’s also, in the User CP, a Thread Ignore List and a Forum Ignore List.
i don’t know if these are available in the current VBulletin that The Dope uses.

The version of vBulletin the SDMB runs on does not have these options. 'Tis a pity but what we have is all we have to work with.

To the best of my knowledge no upgrades are currently planned by management.

your humble TubaDiva

I wrote a Greasemonkey script a few years ago that does this. It was during the thread game brouhaha with people complaining about games cluttering the Game Room, so it has some now obsolete options for hiding games. But it still works very well for other forums.

Link to install it and instructions for using it are here.

This is what I use, though I modded it with a menu option to hide the “Hide” links. Then I added a menu item for the threads list so that it would work even with the new theme.

Well, I say “use,” but it’s been a long time, and I’ve only ever hidden three threads. I wasn’t actually sure I had reinstalled the script since I reinstalled Windows about a year or two ago.

Either something on my system is incompatible with it or I’m too stupid to use it without additional help. Can’t find these purported new links to hide the threads. I’ve got TamperMonkey, I installed the script, quit and restarted the browser (Safari 11.1), didn’t seem to be working, updated TamperMonkey, reinstalled the script, quit and restarted Safari again, tried switching to Sultan’s Theme. Can you describe click for click and keystroke for keystroke how to get to a place where I ought to be seeing the “hide thread” or (better) “hide forum” links?

AHunter3, I sent you a PM.

For anyone who might install it, my script was not automatically running on pages over HTTPS. I’ve updated it on Greasyfork, or you can add the HTTPS pages as User Includes.

Oops. I forgot I had to add that as well when the board went HTTPS.

Yeah, that fixed it, thanks!