Hidden menu items

I’ve heard of hidden menu items. That is, items or quantities which are available but not ordinarily displayed. I vaguely remember hearing of a particular small and cheap tasty coffee at Starbuck’s which is not openly displayed.

The only personal experience I have with it is McNuggets. The menu says they’re available 10 for 5.79$CAN. If you order 20, however, it comes to about 8.70$CAN, which means they go from costing 58 cents to 44 cents each.

Are there other hdden menu items?

Here, I mean to exclude mom & pop restaurants which are simply badly run and forget they offer something until you remind them.

So what would this small, cheap and tasty coffee at Starbucks be?

An opium latte. Of course, it’s only the first tasty cup that’s cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:

You appear to be in Canada, but if you ever get down to the states and go to a Costco, if you go to the snack bar for lunch, you can get a really BIG hot dog or Polish sausage and a drink for about a buck and a half.

The secret part is that you can ask for them to give you sauerkraut with it.

A form of this is common in ethnic restaurants. There is one menu provided people who appear to be of that ethnicity or who know to ask for it. A second menu is the ‘dumbed down’ Americanized version given to everyone else. Since all the items are technically on a menu, I guess they’re not ‘hidden’ but it seems relevant to the OP’s interest. Secret menu translations are passed around in foodie circles. They seem particularly concentrated in Thai restaurants
Grubstreet link

And just for fun, here’s an article about a local place with a famous secret menu.

You joke but reality is stranger than you imagined.


Ok so who squealed? THIS is why we can’t have one menu! :smack::wink:

Ah, thanks. So essentially, it’s just a real cappuccino–not a huge cup of milk with some brown coloring, which is what most people get so they can turn it into a hot milkshake.

That’s good to know, because I’ve never ordered anything with milk at Starbucks before, and that appears to be the way to go if I ever do.

There are at least 82 Costcos in Canada. Don’t know if they have the same deals. Food court items are cheap there, although I’ll bet the pizza is much cheaper if you walk to the back to the store and get a whole one to cook for yourself.

Be careful about the McNuggets. There was this website awhile back that showed that you don’t always get a bulk discount, and it may in fact be better to order 2 6-packs than 1 10-pack (e.g.; or whatever the quantities are). In other words, do the math first.

There’s a famous “secret menu” at In-N-Out. It’s not so secret, I mean, it’s right on their website, but for whatever reason, they enjoy being coy about the fact you can request customized burgers/fries.

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Mmm… Animal Style.

<Homer> Mmm… 100 x 100 </Homer>

It’s also a not very well kept secret that they put Bible passages on their packaging. It’s not obtrusive: it will say John 3:16 but not write out the whole verse, so it does sound less preachy.

Someone actually ordered that. If you do a Google search, you can see pictures. I think it looks gross. I think In N Out said that they’d no longer make it if anyone else were to ask for it.

I order espresso con panna at Starbucks, simply an espresso shot topped with whipped cream. I got the tip from these boards, in fact.

This article plus the comments has plenty of good stuff. If you plug “Secret Menu Items” in the searchbox at the top you’ll find a bunch more threads, including one specifically about Starbucks.

White gummi at jamba juice. So tasty.

Mcgangbang at McDonalds. Those in the know will charge you and build it appropriately.

A couple of my favorite places around here explicitly say on the menu that if they have the ingredients for something, and you request it, they’ll make it, whatever it is. So I guess they have quite an extensive “off menu”.

I’m too chicken to google that - care to enlighten us?

Good choice of words - up here it’s a McChicken sandwich (the entire sandwich, not just the patty) inside of either a double cheeseburger or a Big Mac. There’s also a sandwich where the McChicken is inside two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, but I forget what that’s called.

That would be the McWhitey…


As per “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” the Land-Sea-And-Air Burger is a secret-menu McDonald’s item with beef patty, chicken patty, and filet-o-fish patty.