Does Starbucks have a secret menu or not?

If so, it’s eluding me on multiple Google searches.

So do they? Is there secret stuff on there I need to know? I think so…


I’ve said too much.

What do you mean? They will make anything you can think of, won’t they?

Starbucks has lots of seasonal things that they take off the menu but will still make for you if you ask. Or you can just invent things.

If you have to ask, you obviously have no need to know.

If you know the secret handshake, they’ll make all the larduccino you can drink.

Mr. Gazer works at Starbucks, and there’s no actual “secret menu.” However, if you know the ingredients in their drinks, you can combine them to your heart’s content, even if it isn’t on the menu. For instance, they have half-and-half for customers to put in their drip coffee. Instead of whole milk, you can get a latte with half-and-half, if you want. :eek: You can have them mix half-and-half with whole milk for something slightly lighter. You want that mocha with only a half-shot of espresso? Done. You want 2/3 whole milk and 1/3 nonfat? It’s kind of a pain, and it may not be exact, but they’ll do it.

Some of these non-standard combinations do have names, and those names aren’t up on the menu boards, but that’s mainly a space and demand issue.

Basically, any pain-in-the-ass combination of their ingredients can probably be made into a drink – you just have to ask for it.* There are some common combos on their website.
*And know the secret handshake.

I worked at a Borders Cafe, and some of those custom drinks can be such a pain in the ass.

“I’d like a coffee drink… but not with coffee… you know, with the strong stuff, but not too much, can you show me how much one shot is? That much? Can you put maybe 1 quarter of that in plus 2/3 of a shot of decaf and then mix milk… what kind of milk do you have? You don’t have 2%? Can’t you mix me up some 2% with a splash of soy because I’m vegan you know and then add those shots and oh, I want chocolate and what other flavors do you have? What sugarfree? What’s that you say? You’re going to flay my skin off with the superheated steam from that AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

It was a fun job.

Is this known as a “Fatte”?

The secret menu? You mean, the one they serve to the Illuminati Overlords?

Well, even our evil overlords like a steaming latte…

I do know that every Starbucks has a scret panel that will swing outward (after you hit the secret switch) to reveal the controls for their 1920’s style death ray.

Well, Starbuck’s gives me cafe au lait when I request it (and no, that’s not a latte), even though it’s not on the menu. Does that count?

Around Christmas, they usually put a “peppermint mocha latte” on the menu, but when the season’s over, they take it off. Still, you can get them in July if you want, just by asking for it by name.

Riiiiiight, no secret menu, he says.

[wink wink - nudge nudge]

[obligatory Starbucks skit]

Well obviously not. I went in there and ordered a coffee that wasn’t roasted to within an inch of its life, and they wouldn’t do it.

What’s the difference?
While we’re on the subject…In-N-Out does have a secret menu. Are there any other places that do this?

I’m not sure about any secret menu but I do think they are trying to take over the world.
step 1. caffinate the coffee to the point everyone is addicted to it.
step 2. _______?
step 3. take over the world.
(it’s a marketing strategy adopted from the underwear gnomes on southpark)
On a serious (but at the same time frivolous) note, apprarently in CA people order a mocha chai which is half mocha and half chai. Starbuck’s employees in Denver (where I live) have no idea that drink even exists. I wonder if Starbucks just adapts to the area?

I went into a Starbucks once and asked for an iced coffee. And they said that they didn’t sell them. I could get a blender drink with ground up ice and coffee, but apparently just pouring the coffee over a few ice cubes was too difficult for them. What’s * that * all about?

Former slave to the siren here.

Ask for a “Zebra” and see if the Barista stares at you blankly…

It’s a mocha made with half white mocha, half regular bar mocha. :wink:

I’m fairly sure Starbucks’ step 2 is “Profit!”.