High Budget Crappy Movies...the Jason X appreciation thread.

Okay, I just got back from watching Jason X and I must say, I had a LOT of fun with this movie. I once watched a marathon of the first three movies on Showtime once, I believe, and I am by no means a fan. But when I saw they were having Jason in the future. In SPACE, no less!! I knew I had to see this film (fyi: I LOVE crappy movies). And, unlike Scorpion King, which I knew was going to be bad as well, I wasn’t dissapointed in this movie in the least. Okay, the girl getting sucked into space through the hole the size of a basketball was pretty bad, but eh, so what.
I really like the fact that shitty movies are now being made with a big budget. Sure, there’s still the joy of watching really classic crappy movies with no budget, horrible actors, and shitty scripts, but what makes those fun is the fact that these people think they’re making a good movie (Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except anyone?). This movie was great because everyone in it knew to just have fun with it. Was the acting bad? Yes. Was the script bad? Of course. Was the storyline attrocious? Absolutely. Did it have a brave black man who looks like he’s going to make it to the end of the film but instead sacrifices himself for the pretty white people? Hell, it had TWO!!! And it even presented a scientific explaination to the story that didn’t completely ruin the other movies, unlike **Phantom Menace[/b[ (although, in all honesty, you really couldn’t do much more to ruin the previous movies).
So, I say again, I REALLY enjoyed this movie. If you enjoy schlock, just like crappy movies, or just want to see a good ol’ fashioned no brainer flick and can handle a bit of gore, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!. The sleeping bag scene alone makes it worth paying to get in (you’re just going to have to watch :slight_smile: )
Anyone else out there agree with me?

Er…no. What separated Ed Wood’s immortal classics from this shlock was improvisation and creativity needed because budget was limited. A big budget done without imagination…well, you get films like Jason X.

Just think… all the money used to make this movie could have instead been better used to make John Tesh CD’s.

I am going to see this one for sure.

Don’t tell me that he swings someone around in a sleeping bag and smashes there head on a tree like in the 3rd one does he? That is by far my favorite death scene in any Jason, Freddy, movie. He is not supposed to kill the same way twice, unless its slashing your asshole with a sharp machette.

I didn’t see the 3rd movie, so I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the recreation, but, yes, he did kill somebody like that. One of the better wince-inducing moments of the film.

And one of the few not related to the plot. :wink:

Oh, and let’s not forget the homage to FPS (especially UT) playing geekboys.