Should I Go See Jason X?

I’ve never seen a Friday the 13th movie. I have no interest in the mad-slasher genre. By all accounts this movie is especially bad.

However, it stars Lexa Doig, the sweetest piece of eye candy I’ve seen in many a year. I think I could watch her mix batter and be satisfied.

Does that one good thing outweigh all the bad? Help me decide!

I can’t possibly imagine anyone wanting to see this film. Many many years ago I saw one single scene from one of the first ones (does it really matter which?) and I was horrified by how terrible it was. Just because this one happens in space and has big guns is not a good reason to waste time and money.

Want to see the chick? Save your time and cash and download some movie shots on-line.

Im going tonight! WOO HOO!!! I know it’s going to be horrible and I’ve never been a big fan of friday the 13th but how can I resist seeing something THIS bad on the big screen!?!

Besides… he only wanted his machette. LOL!

What an unfortunate name for that young creature to have.

I agree, it should be a lot of fun! I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I don’t care how “bad” it is (I’ve sat through Megaforce; I can endure anything) I just want to be mindlessly entertained.

No offense GorgonHeap, but you’re basing your opinion of the series on one scene from one movie? ok…

I just hope y’all wait until it hits the discount theaters to remove the chance of wasting some $7.50 on a bad movie. This movie sounds so bad I’m surprised they’re even bothering with the big screen release, I’m expecting it to be in the top five this weekend and gone from theaters by the time SWE2: AotC is released.

Considering that scene consisted of Jason killing two stupid kids in the most boring, idiotic manner possible, and that this is the point behind the entire series to begin with: Yes. Yes I will.

Jason X has already been done, and probably much better, by Dan O’Bannon, Ronald Shusett, and Ridley Scott. Fiver, skip it and watch Alien instead.

By all means spend your time and money as you see fit, but I’ve never understood why people pay to see movies they know will be bad.

I’ve been shamelessly bugging Mr. Kitty since the trailers came out to take me to see this movie. I have such wonderful childhood memories of 10-hour-long Friday the 13th marathons with my older brother and dad… there’s no way in the world I could miss this one.

Yeah, it’s gonna totally suck. Yeah, the whole series pretty much bites. But I’ll just shut my brain off for about 2 hours and be mindlessly entertained by blood and gore. Sounds like a deal to me! Hey, Fiver, take a day and head out to my neck of the woods… we’ll get lunch and then see it together. :smiley:

As I said, your time and money, your choice. Personally, my brain doesn’t have an “off” switch.

But what they hey. You said one of the phrases in the Message Board Bingo Game that I needed, so I’m all for it. Now all I need is for someone to tell me every movie doesn’t have to be Citizen Kane, and I got a Bingo!


Let me repeat: I do NOT find such things entertaining. I have zero interest in the genre. In fact I’m even negatively aligned toward such things.

The wonder that is Lexa Doig. That is my sole reason for wanting to see the movie.

Is it enough? That’s the question I put to you all.

Euty or Uke, please fix my coding.

Nah, Fiver. If she does anything worth seeing, someone will vidcap the scene and you can download it and not have to waste your time with the rest of the movie. I think Jennifer Connelly and Ashley Judd are both hot but wouldn’t watch most things they’ve been in on a salary. Thanks to the efforts of others, I don’t have to.

  1. I adore horror flicks.
  2. I adore science fiction.
  3. While Opalcat ain’t in it, she probably could be, if she wanted to.
  4. I adore campy horror/science fiction (Tremors, anyone?).
  5. Lexa Doig is, quite simply, the most beautiful actress I can think of.
  6. Lexa Doig is a gamer.
  7. One of these days I’ll meet Lexa Doig. And when I do, she’ll expect me to have seen every one of her movies. Once she realizes the depth of my devotion, she’ll leave that loser Michael Shanks, and spend the rest of her days as my willing love slave. cue stalker music

This movie looks hilarious! Go see it, Fiver, 'cause this is one of the Friday the 13th movies and they’re not known for the prudishness of their leading ladies. I’m not sure how the makers have fit in a dark lake for skinny dipping or abandoned cottage in space, but you know they’ve got to be there.
I’m just disappointed that the long promised Freddy vs. Jason movie still hasn’t been made. Now that would be worth seeing.

The only problem I have is when people go to view this drivel, they encourage more boneheads in Hollywood to make these shitty films. Go to the website and view the trailer, if you still want to see the film after that you are certifiably insane. However to each their own.

Just my 2cents.

I’m just a little confused about why Jason joined the Nation of Islam. :smiley:

No, Fiver, I don’t think you should go if you don’t enjoy the genre. I am a horror fan, but not necessarily of the Jason series, and I’ll probably wait until it comes out on video.

Just got back from seeing it. It is indeed funny and entertaining. Go, see it, and have a good time.