Post your favorite one-liners from JASON-X reviews here!

I have been reading all the reveiws of Jason X on Rotten tomatoes this morning and its been the best laugh I have had in a week. There were so many gems about this movie’s crappiness that it was hard to pick just one. But I got a kick out of this guy:

Uber/Super Jason. This “step forward” in Jason’s “evolution” has been touted countless times in the ads and on the posters with a tagline claiming that, “evil gets an upgrade.” What the tagline should actually read is, “evil gets an upgrade … to idiocy.” Jason looks like he stepped out of the WWF. Not to be outdone by Jason Goes to Hell’s Jason the worm, Uber Jason becomes the lamest thing in any Friday the 13th film.

That is from one of the only positive reviews on the site. I am sure there are many other gems about this blockbuster out there. Put them here!

(I don’t know how to get the url from the second window on otherwise I would post a link to this guys review :frowning: )

I’ll bet Cervaise is eyballing this one like a date with Eva Braun.