High from drugs, versus natural high from happy things

The only thing that has ever really gotten me high is the gas at the dentist’s, and that wasn’t especially fun. I’d trade it for chocolate cake.

Far as sex goes, I don’t even need orgasmic sex-- a good backrub from someone I like is better than any drug experience I’ve ever had-- but like I said, drugs just don’t work on me.

Sometimes I wish they did.

 I have done most all the street drugs that were available up until about 1980 or so. I feel like I was blessed with a natural aversion to any kind of drug I felt was taking control over me in anyway. I much prefer the natural highs.

I often refer to myself as a passion junky because I easily get hooked on whatever hormone it is being produced when I get into a creative cycle. In a very intense session I suspect I become moderately manic and have learned not to post about anything I am working on while I am in this state as I become very biased and even dishonest to some degree in my reporting. I will rationalize things I should be doing a lot more testing on before I report. I will go back when I settle down and retract any false statements I have made but it can be very embarrassing and I usually blame it on alcohol even though I am not much of a drinker. My point is that even natural drugs can have dramatic effects on our judgement. Sometimes it will get so intense I get light headed and need to sit down and get my mind off of it. I think I get smarter when I am in that state because I come up with things that would normally be over my head.

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