High Quality Photographs From The Civil War

These are really high quality photographs from the Civil War, with captions explaining the significance of what’s in the photo. Good stuff!


Neato! :slight_smile:

Yeah, these are really cool. Many I have seen before, many not. I love slowly going through a series of pictures like this, taking it all in. Takes a minute…there are almost 300 pictures!

There are some great images there.

I’m going to do what i often do in threads like this: point out that the vast majority of the images on that guy’s site are taken from the Library of Congress website.

I make this observation not to criticize him for using the images. They are public domain, and anyone can use them for any purpose. But i think it’s good to remind people, on occasion, what a national treasure the Library of Congress is, and how much fantastic stuff they have on their website. I also think it would be good if more people who use these images on their own sites would at least acknowledge where they come from.

Not only does the Prints and Photographs Division of the library hold the originals of most of these images, but in most cases you can download high-resolution (ca. 20Mb) TIF files, which allow you to see the images in far more detail than is provided on that guy’s website.

Here are links to just a few of the images used on the site linked by the OP:

Adjusting the ropes for hanging the [Lincoln] conspirators
Tredegar Iron Works, Richmond, VA
Dead of Stonewall Jackson’s Brigade by rail fence on the Hagerstown pike, Antietam, MD
13 inch mortar “Dictator” in front of Petersburg, Va.
Five generations on Smith’s Plantation, Beaufort, South Carolina

Thanks for the heads up…and hell yeah, some of those images are far better quality than what’s linked in my OP…thanks again!

I must say I LOVE Civil War pictures. I’m sure many feel the same. It’s an imaginary transport back in time.