High School Carnage

I graduated from High School in Colorado in 1995. I have to say that I was so glad that was over. High School sucked. There were the kids of upper-middle class families that seemed to have everything, kids that acted like gang members. Jock, drug heads (“stoners”), goths, and other usual clicks of students. Since I was nerdy, shy and from a poor family, the whole ideal of High School past me by. Bulling and treasing were a common thing for me. In April of 1999, the Columbine tradegy and a similar case in California has brought the social part of secondary school in to the lime light. What has change in the past four years that has made young people so violent and angry?

I don’t think any one thing has changed. However, some general trends have escalated.

The biggest problem is the perception that life is cheap. That is, young assassins tend to embrace this idea that human life is disposable and that taking a human life or two (or more) is no big deal. And that it’s probably a good thing to rid the world of a few people.

The second thing is the Internet. Sure, I wanted to open fire a coupla times when I was in high school, but in the late 80’s I lacked a 24-hour free database telling me how to build bombs, how to maximize the bloodshed, how to secure guns, or how to find something akin to a support group.