High School Football Streak Ends

My home town of Shattuck, OK lost the football game this past Friday night.

Earlier this year Shattuck set the record for consecutive wins at 91.

Shattuck is a small farm town near the panhandle of Oklahoma. Population: 1,200.
You read that right. Only 1200 people in the entire town. We’re talking about 8 man football here.

Shattuck had not lost since 2002.

I’m proud of you guys!

You mean 11 man?

I came from a small football town too. We played “iron man” football, both offense and D. The big difference is that we sucked.

If he said 8-man, he probably meant it.

Golf clap to the writers of this line.

I think that’s way cool. Even cooler is how small the town is!

Not to take away from the boys’ feeling of pride, but I hope they get more out of it than just a feeling of pride…such as college offers.

Enright3 do you know if a lot of scouts come out to Shattuck?

Heisman Trophy winner Rashan Salaam played eight man football in high school, albeit not in rural Oklahoma.

I think the pan handle of Oklahoma is the worst place on earth.

When I lived in OK, all summer long the weather would, "The hottest temp in the state was up in Guymon.

And all winter long the weather man would say "The lowest temp in the state was set up in Guymon.

Come on, what’s up with that?

My alma mater, Springfield Southeast High School (Springfield, IL), had their varsity football team win one game during the season I was in 8th grade.

They didn’t win again until the first game of my senior year. :eek:

That’s right: the Spartans were 0-35 across four seasons. :rolleyes:

I think this is all kinds of AMAZING!

Naturally, the rights to it will be bought by Disney and it will be made into a movie.

Thanks for sharing.

Why? They lost!


I grew up in a small town in Louisiana that was almost exactly the same size but we had a full ‘Single A’ football team even though some players played both offense and defense. I didn’t play myself because I was more interested in making money at my job but the whole town rallied around the team. Right after I graduated, the team made it to the championship game in the New Orleans Superdome, almost got trounced, and made one of the biggest comebacks in history for that level of Louisiana high-school football for the win. It certainly wasn’t 91 wins in a row but we were all very proud. I am not sure what they are feeding those boys there in the Oklahoma panhandle but they must be doing something right. Maybe the school should field an all female team that the regular schools could have a chance and maybe not even then for all we know.

When I went to school there, we played 11 man football. We had a perfect record then too… we lost every game my senior year! :frowning:

I’m going to speculate that scouts make it down there. I know that Coach Bullard holds a football camp there every summer that is REALLY successful.

And hey, if you ever get a chance to check out Shattuck, OK… don’t forget to checkout the Windmill Museum!

I have a fridge magnet of the windmill museum.(Relatives in Laverne)

I was going to send some Windmill Museum ‘stuff’ to whomever I drew in the Straight Dope Secret Santa, but alas, they requested nothing remotely close to anything that I could send from there. :frowning:

Upon just now discovering 8-man football, I once again am reminded of one of my favorite movie lines from one of my favorite movies:

“Did you ever get the feeling there was something going on that we don’t know about?”