High School Musical kid poses nude

I was reading on the IMDB yesterday that one of the High School Musical kids (Vanessa Hudgens, who’s apparently 19) has admitted that “leaked” nude photos of her on the Internet are real.


First, I thought it was funny, because this has apparently been some brewing controversey among the Disney set (and gossipmongers) for days and I had no idea it was even happening. But then I saw a gossip site that had links to the pictures and comparison shots to definite pictures of the woman. It didn’t really look anything like her.

This further struck me as I out at the mall last night and was waited on by a woman who looked just like her. It would have been very easy to pass off the pictures as some dumb college kid who just happens to look like her as she’s pretty, but she has a very generic late teen/twentysomething look.

So now I’m pretty convinced this “leak” was another in a long line of “Look at me be all sexy and naked! I’m a grownup dammit and not a Disney kid!” So what does the Dope think (or did you, like me, have no idea this HUGE DEAL was happening until now?).

If she wanted to establish her cred as a sexy young starlet there are less career-damaging ways to do it – cheesecake poses in Maxim, for example.

I haven’t seen the picture but from what I’ve heard it’s just one shot and her story is that it was a personal photo that was leaked by a boyfriend. Sounds reasonable to me.

I saw the photo. I don’t know or care what High School Musical is, but Hudgens needs to abandon her acting career immediately and just be a nude model from now on.

Eh. Looks kinda average to me. Nothing to go ga-ga over, in any case.

I guess our tastes differ. It may be a low quality photo, but she has a tight little body and one of those multi-ethnic faces that I find insanely hot.

To tell the truth, my first thought upon seeing the photo was “Damn, this chick needs to do some landscaping!” But a closer examination revealed that she does, she’s just been a bit lax about maintenance. Cute, but I’m more partial to blondes. Que sera, sera.

I agree with you and thought that the second I heard of it. The “Paris Hilton” way to infamy.

Step one: Leak sex video (In this case nekkid pics)
Step two: Become ho’.
Step three: Profit.

Except that it pretty much costs her any further career she might have with Disney. They’ve already dropped her for future Disney-projects and she’s going to have to make her own way in the world.

Disney demands a squeaky clean image from its stars. When they don’t maintain that then they’re out.

I agree. You do not ever pull a stunt like this when you’re a Disney employee. The picture was done *to * her, not *by * her. Forget the cynicism and look at the whole picture. (Pun? What pun?)

Apparently, the photos were meant for her boyfriend/co-star Zac Efron’s eyes only, but were intercepted by a third party. There were fears that Hudgens would be fired and replaced (in fact, a rumor spread that this was exactly what happened), but this didn’t happen- as one of Hudgens’s people said, she doesn’t “work” for Disney, so how could she be fired from them. Hudgens apologized for the matter, and a Disney spokesperson referred to the incident as “a laspe in judgement.” Now, People magazine is claiming this isn’t the first time Hudgens has sent naked pictures of herself to a boyfriend, and that she did the same thing for Nickelodeon star Drake Bell. Bell’s people, however, state that he never recieved any photos. Hudgens is not attempting to un-Disneyfy her image (although Efron apparently is, based on some of the things he’s said and the fact that he and Hudgens are both apparently holding out for more money for High School Musical 3)- it was a silly little thing that got out of hand, in my opinion. ABC News (which is owned by Disney, although they didn’t point that out in their story, as companies usually do) pointed out that the Hudgens incident can be (and has been) used by parents as a cautionary tale that everyone makes bad decisions sometimes. I’m reminded of something I read in People about how fellow Disney star Destiny “Miley” Cyrus is given articles about the Britney/Lindsay/Paris ilk and their escapades to teach her what not to do when she gets older. Thankfully, Hudgens didn’t go down their route and do something extremely, um, goofy.

Hey, Lindsay Lohan did okay for herself!

Well, at least we’ll always have Mean Girls, which was funnier and better than it had any right to be.

And now there is a possibilty that Efron himself was behind the camera.

For those of you who just glanced over my long opinion, Hudgens is NOT FIRED. That is all.

Well, it was written by Tina Fey. (It wasn’t one of Lohan’s Disney projects, however, if that’s what you’re implying.)

Anyone have a link for those of us with weak google-fu?

Copy and paste (obviously)

Go to Uselessjunk.com and search the front page. She’s there.

All right, it’s been done.

No, I meant that it was a good movie that she made after escaping Disney and its umbrella of forced wholesomeness, so that means any of these kids have the same chances.

This is why I think she “leaked” it herself. Either Efron himself or one of her little friends was behind the camera. The pictures weren’t taken at some drunken party, it’s a tasteful nude taken in her bedroom. So she knows who has them and would easily know where the “leak” came from. so why wouldn’t she just deny they were her? As I said in the OP, the picture looks suitably generic/blurry that it could be any nude college kid (and we know there’s no shortage of those).

What could the leaker do at that point to prove they’re real? Nothing without ruining their own credibility and likely opening themselves up to a huge lawsuit.

I was surprised at the serious bush she is sporting below the equator. I thought today’s hotties went more for the Telly Savalas look.