High School Musical?

OK, so I heard yesterday that there is going to be a HSM 3, which is currently in the making, and there will be a feature film in theaters. Is HSM 3 the feature film, or are they planning on making a different one? Because it would be odd to have the first two films on TV and then put the third one into theatres…it just kind of confused me.

High School Musical 3 (2008) is planned as a theatrical release. The script and the cast are still not finalized.

Disney was very surprised at the success of the first one.

I’m sure they were also surprised at the 17 million viewers the second one recieved- a cable record. I’m sure they expected it to be big, but not that big.

My brother and niece and nephew came to visit me this weekend. I was informed in no uncertain terms by my 8 year old niece that we could do whatever we wanted on Friday night, so long as we were home by 8 p.m. for the premiere of HSM2. Her father correctly pointed out that Disney will show it 9 ba-ziillion more times, but that cut no ice with her. I think she’s seen it like three times now.

Sat a.m. on the golf course I was able to impress my playing partners, by bragging that I was the only one out of 4 middle aged guys who had had the pleasure of seeing the premiere of HSM2 the night before.

The joys of parenting a teenage daughter.

(Is it safe to admit that both movies were kinda fun stupid escapism?)

As someone who enjoys both musicals and high school movies (ie, Bring It On, Clueless), I recorded the first HSM, and enjoyed it for its totally preposterous campiness.

(I mean, how can you not love a movie that involves an entire high school basketball team bursting into song, starting with rhythmic dribbling, about how you gotta “getcha getcha getcha getcha head in the game”? Oh, and the mean popular girl, the kind who would have a yappy little dog like a sharpay, is actually NAMED “Sharpay”. Genius!)
HSM2, on the other hand, somehow just didn’t seem fun at all, even for purposes of campiness or so-bad-it’s-good.

Disney has developed a real knack for catching lightning in a bottle by accident… and then painstakingly duplicating every detail that made the first one a hit, only making sure that everyone involved has more money, less artistic license (this is too important to screw up!) and much more oversight from the producer and his marketing team. In other words, semi-big-budget flop sequels to sleeper hits.

HSM3 will stink on ice, rock the box office to pieces for a weekend, and then evaporate into heavy rotation on the Disney Channel where advertisers will pony up huge piles of cash for the pleasure of parking their ads next to it.

Except, of course, that there’s no advertising on the Disney channel. But they use it to promote their other programs and affiliates heavily.

I, for my part, got to see HSM2 poolside at a Disney resort last week. 10 BILLION teens and me. I read a book and had a drink from the poolside bar as they played it on a big inflatable screen.

I’m not sure if I envy you or pity you. That must have been…I’m not sure there is a word. Which resort?

(We did a Disney Cruise last fall, and every time HSM played over the pool there were FLOCKS of girls (and a few boys).)

Sounds like an odd definition of flop.

Were they actually teens, or were they more like 10 and 11-year-olds? I can’t see actual high school kids being as into this as 6th graders might be. My 10-year-old cousin loves HSM. I watched the first one, and thought it was cute enough and had some nice messages for kids, but the dialogue was cheesy, the songs were forgettable, and the acting was somewhat worse than actual high school musicals I have seen.

Disney executives are geniuses in taking advantage of every possible extension of a successful brand, so that, according to the New York Times, HSM “generated $100 million in profits from DVD and soundtrack sales, touring concerts and ice shows, and numerous other brand extensions.” (The soundtrack CD was the top-selling CD last year, they sold millions of DVDs, the principal cast member went on a concert tour, followed by a stage version of HSM, they license HSM for high school productions, and I’m sure there’s also clothing and other merchandise being sold.)

I’ve seen dolls in the toy aisles as well.

I can’t imagine that HSM3 will be any good. The original was cute enough for what it was (and I too am the type that gets into the light teen comedies – just watched “A Cinderella Story” tonight too), but the second one was overly cheesy. So much of it was just stupid – not cute campy funny stupid, but really stupid.

My 15 year old niece watched it with me (but only because it was on, of course, she would never choose to watch it. Oh no no no!). She thinks I’m strange because, while yes Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu are very good-looking young men, I have a thing for Lucas Grabeel. That kid has some talent and is adorable to boot. I would like to see him as some other character than Ryan, or even as himself, to see what I think of him. Although I don’t care enough to actually watch the Disney Channel more!

It’s always fun having those “Who is hot on this show?” conversations with a teen girl. She’s 15 and I’m 31, and our opinions are sometimes so far opposite it’s hilarious.

My 13 year old loves it, as do some of her friends. However, most of her gang is of the multipierced, Hot Topic wearing, bad eyeliner, gothy/emo so none will admit to watching the HSM movies.

She was gone opening night of HSM2, but since coming back Saturday afternoon she’s viewed it now 4 times. After her first viewing she was IM’ing her buddies, discussing the movie for about 2 hours. Okay, I’m sure a fair part was “Zac is so hot!”

So it is for more than just tweeners.

You know, sometimes, I think that the Disney channel and HSM are more than just tween TV. I think it’s mind control. Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron are going around sucking blood and turning people into undead zombies. Not really, I just needed to type something about how much I hated HSM2.

Interesting. Thanks, MissTake and RachelChristine.

Me too and they’re CREEPY.

Oh, and the pianist/composer character (Kelsey?) is super-adorable. (Fortunately, the actress is 21, so I don’t feel like too much of a perv for saying so.)