High School reunions (or...I am insane)

I am going to Omaha this weekend. I lived there for the first 20 years of my life and was happy when I left town for Nevada in 1996.

Here’s the deal. My ten year high school reunion is this weekend. Last night I got this wild hair about going. I have been saying for the last 5 months I was not going to go BUT I changed my mind (I have no idea why). I bought the plane ticket (steep, but not bad) got a hotel room, not easy considering the College World Series is going on right now, and a rental car. I leave Friday Morning at 7am PT. I get into Omaha at 430pm CT get my rental car, go to the hotel, & check in. There is a pre-party gettogether at a bar at 8pm. At least it is at a bar. :smiley: so no rushing or anything! The actual reunion is a semi formal dinner thing, I still don’t know if I am going to that. Ill take clothes just in case. But I have other things to do if I don’t do to that part.

I haven’t seen 99% of these people in almost 10 years. Granted we were not all best friends, but there was no animosity either. Some of these people I have known since I was 5 years old. I had no intention of ever seeing these people again, like I would care. But for some reason I thought what if I don’t go and I regret it forever. It is not like I have any long lost high school romance- I didn’t date people from my school. Plus, I am happily married to the greatest guy ever! But if it sucks, hey so it was crappy, and the people are still all the same idoits as they were 10 years ago.

There is other stuff I need to do this weekend too. A friend of mine who I had basically known forever (22 years) died of cancer last year. I was unable to go to her funeral because my aunts funeral was the same day, but in Kansas. And I still need to go to the cemetary, I guess for closure.

So, Am I crazy for doing this all last minute? Is this some stupid need for “nostaliga”? Maybe secretly I want to see how pathetic some people turned out to be. Or What.

I am pretty sure this qualifies as MPSIMS but it could be IMHO also. ack!.. oh well

I think you’ll have a surprisingly good time. Plus, most of the things that might have prevented closer friendships in the past will seem petty now, to you and them both. You have a great opportunity to renew old friendships, develop new ones, and who knows what lies in store as far as Cupid is concerned.

My 10th was an absolute blast. I can’t imagine having missed it. They’ll only become harder and harder to attend in the future as kids arrive, obligations increase, etc.

I went to my 10th and had a blast. I skipped my 20th because my husband didn’t want to go. That was stupid. I should have gone.

My 30th is next month, and I’m going. I hope to lose 5 lbs. before then. I can’t wait! There are some people I haven’t seen in 30 years, so it’ll be great to see them again.

Unless you had a horrible time in high school (and sometimes, even if you DID have a horrible time in high school) it is another time and people are different. Ten years makes a huge difference in maturity. You’ll probably make some new friends.

Have fun!

I had my tenth a few years ago, and I never considered not going. I can’t explain why I had to go, I have no friends left from my high school days, but I never considered skipping it. It may be because I had a relatively good high school experience and don’t carry resentments dating from that time.

I was pleased to find that, for the most part, the most pleasant and decent people had the best and happiest lives ten years later. As a bonus, the one kid who bullied me from 6-8th grade apologized. Surprising how much that meant to me, as I had nearly forgotten what hell he put me through at the time.

My wife decided not to go to her reunion. I can’t blame her given her stories of high school, but I must admit I was a bit dissapointed not to go to her reunion.

Well, I am going to the pre party with an open mind, and I have let go of a lot of stupid crap from then. I didn’t have a bad HS experience, but it wasn’t terriffic either- just average. It would take some serious arm twisting from people there to actually get me to show up at the semi formal reunion dinner I hate getting all dressed up when forced
I have other friends who are going to be in Omaha this weekend too, not just from my HS, so that is pretty cool :smiley: So I will definitly have plenty of stuff to do.
I hope to have a good time positive thoughts When I get back I will try to remember to bump this so I can report bac how it all went down :slight_smile:

Good luck! I personally can’t imagine going to my reunion, short of someone knocking me unconscious, tying me up, and forcibly dragging me in there. I’m not holding grudges or anything, I just honestly don’t give a rat’s ass about 98% of the people I went to high school with. The other 2%, I already keep up with and see whenever I can. There’s just no point in taking a weekend off work and driving ten hours each way so I can pay to stand around pretending to be interested in the lives of people who are pretty much strangers.

Oh, well, it’s not like they’ll invite me anyway. If they couldnt’ find me when I lived in-state and three people sent them my current address, they certainly won’t be able to find me all the way down in North Carolina.

If nothing else, it will remind you just how much better Nevada is than the rest of the planet! :wink:

:smiley: :wink: :smiley:

aren’t you up north somewhere??

Well, I went and I have returned. No regrets. I am glad I went.

I went to the Friday night “mixer”. I got to talk to people I hadn’t seen for a long time and got to do some catching up. Also, because I look much different now than I did then, I threw some people for a loop :smiley: . Some people, I hardly recognized or even remembered for that matter. The best part was that our class salutatorian (sp?) has gone beyond vegan. I didn’t know there was something more extreme than vegan! :eek: Another friend, who I have had contact with since high school, we actually ran into each other out here in Las Vegas while he was stationed at Nellis. He finally opened his own comedy club, it was sort of a dream of his. But for the most part I didn’t have much to say to the majority of those there and they didn’t seem to have much to me either. I opted to save my 55 bucks and skip the semi-formal reunion event. I went out to a dance club with another friend and her sister. It was a good time.
I did go to the cemetary to “visit” my friend who died last year. It was very sad and very surreal for me, but I feel like there is some sort of closure for me from her death. I still miss her and probably always will. I never thought on my 10 year reunion I would be visiting the grave of a lifelong classmate in the cemetary :frowning:

Yeah, I lurk up here. Its cooler and less “crazy”.

Glad to here you had a good time. I did my 20th last summer. I recognized everyone but one person (I went to a small school, so that is not so hard). Sad thing was, every one looked so damn good! They were all pretty fit healthy, most had all thier hair and had good looking spouses/others. Damn! I wanted them all to look like crap to bolster my schadenfreude! :wink: (Not saying I’m not fit and healthy, with hair and a fabulous wife, but you know!) I only had 2 “real friends” in school and neither one could make it. Didn’t have much to say to many of rest, just like 20 years ago, but it was kinda fun.

I did have the nicest car, however! :smiley:

My 30th is in August, the day before my nephew gets married in LA and so I’ll be in the area. I just recently opened the letter of invitation from the reunion gang and that’s when I saw the date, and the price :eek: ($95 - is this usual??). I would rather spend time with my family as we’re all over the place and it’s our first time together in our childhood home since about 1980. But I haven’t been to any of the reunions, and I’d really like to go if my old friends do too. Argh, decisions, decisions.

LVgeogeek, I have to admit I’m a little curious. Which HS did you graduate from? (I also grew up in Omaha and happened to be back the weekend of my 10-year reunion. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone.) On the whole, I wasn’t surprised at the number of people who never got farther than NU, but I wish I woulda’ been.

niblet_head, I went to Burke. You? :smiley: