Highest Scrabble point scores without Q and Z and. . .

Not just the base value of the tiles, but specifically, the total value of an eight-letter word that will span two triple word scores, and taking into consideration that one of the tiles will fall on a double letter score (which, of course, varies, depending upon which two triples you span). But not using the tiles Q and Z–or blanks representing Q and Z!. Oh, how about top ten words?

Coaching, for 171 + bonmus.

Are gherkins “picklish”? for 207 = binus.

No, wait, VOUCHING for 189 + bonus, with the H on double.

Oops. Should have added my own contributions:
I had come up with ‘excavate’ with ‘v’ on a double letter. That’s 216, plus bonus, if you get it.
Also ‘flapjack’ with the ‘j’ on a double letter. That’s 306, plus possible bonus.

I wish we could edit. BUTCHERY = 198 + bonus.

KITCHENY is in some dictionaries, but not the Scrabble word list. That would be 216.

I forgot about X.

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Whipjack, with J on double letter, for 383 points

(It’s a word in the British Scrabble dictionary, but not the US one.)
(Definition: A beggar who pretends to be a sailor)

You’re squeezing out some of my favorite words!

I think DETOXIFY and PAROXYSM are both 270.