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I have watched 27 episodes so far. And I wonder - how come the character of Adrian Paul, Duncan MacLeod, has long hair in present times (well, in 1990-ies to be precise), but in some flashbacks of him, he has short hair? I mean, it’s not really possible that they shot the scenes where he has long hair first and then the past time scenes with short hair - that would mean that the film makers should shot at least all 22 episodes of one season and then shot the scenes where Macleod has short hair. If one season is about a year of film making - that’s a lot of work to do. Besides, in season two Adrian Paul still has long hair. First I thought that the Highlander had hidden his ponytail under his shirt in those past time scenes. But then there were scenes where it was obvious that there is space between his collar and his hair line at the back of his head. Could it be a wig? If it is, then another question arises - how Adrian Paul could hide all his hair under such a small wig? Another explanation would be that he had an stand-in. But then again - in some scenes they filmed Adrian Paul having short hair so close, that I doubt that there was a place for a stand in.

So, your explanations?

The long hair was a wig?

Also, are you sure you’re in the right forum?

At the beginning of the series, Adrian Paul wore a long hair wig as his was too short. In some of the action scenes, you can see that his wig had shifted a little. By season 2, his hair was long enough, but it reversed the situation. Now, he had to wear a skullcap and wear a short hair wig.

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Thanks, Jormungandr, that seems reasonable enough. But how you know that?

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There can be only one wig.

Until Highlander 2: The Wig-ening