Highly Digestable food

What food is highly digestable in that the body takes most of it in and, well, whats left is soft at the exit.

I googled but came up with mostly dog products or cat products. I’m talking human here.


Jello? Maybe some fruits, 'cause our bodies absorb the water and most nutrients and it contains plenty of fiber. Just a WAG.


Thanks, but there must be other foods to eat, that are easily digestable. Jello won’t do it. :slight_smile:

Are you trying to soften your stools? If so, high fiber. Are you trying to avoid pooping at all? If so, no- or extremely low-carb. If you’re aiming for something else, what?


To make stools very soft. What foods can be eaten?

Any particular reason why you’re looking for this information? One thing you might want to look at is the food fed to the pilots of the SR-71s and astronauts before a mission. Their meals usually consist of things that takes the body a long time to digest (reason being that there’s no easy way for them to get out and take a dump in the middle of a mission) and avoid those foods.

Then what you want is high fiber.


And make sure you’re not dehydrated. But if you’re healthy that’s not likely.

One of the most highly digestible foods is caviar. Too soften your stool you will want dietary fiber (or a nice cushion).


Thank you for the site.
You’ve been helpful. This is cancer related.

I’ve heard a classic combination is bananas and rice (at the same sitting, but probably not on the same plate – then again that’s up to you).

Personally speaking, it’s worked for me. Whenever I’ve tried it, I poop like velvet.


Thanks, for bananas and rice. The rice will be cooked so that it is soft, very soft.


If you are not looking to only soften stools, but to reduce “stoolage” as well, you might want to look into astronaut food (a different sort than mentioned above).

I have a friend with stomach problems who needs to be hospitalised about once a year. While hospitalised she is given “astronaut food” which her body absorbs almost entirely, she poops almost nothing at all during the time she is on this foodstuff. Dunno if that is any help.

Dried fruits are great, don’t overdo it though; a small handful of dried apricots or apple rings eaten with breafast each day will keep things moving along nice and easy, but eating a whole bag of them will turn you into a toilet rocket.

Rice pudding with sliced bananas would be rather nice.

Toilet Rocket!!! Har hahahaha heee haaa hoo!

Iteki thanks for the astronaut idea, but that sounds expensive. I’ll check the NASA page however.

Mangetout thanks for the dried fruit, but toilet rocket puts me back in NASA territory.

mahatmacoat or mahatmajacket, that toilet rocket is funny. I wonder if the Chinese invented it?