Please recommend Soft Foods that are palatable

Three weeks from tomorrow I go in for some surgery on my esophogas (sp) to correct a congenital defect and to fix the rather bad hiatal hernia. I will be recuperating for 4-6 weeks and they tell me that I can only eat soft foods “like Jello and pudding.”

I am now trying to make a list of foods to stock up on, since I am a single man and they also tell me I will not be able to drive for the duration.

So far I have:

Ice Cream
Peanut Butter (does that count?)
Yogurt (Oh Lordy, how will I live through this?)

I’m really bad at this, so please chime in and recommend some good soft foods to stock up on.

Fruit smoothies
Rice pudding
Mashed potatoes, or any other pureed vegetable
Refried beans

There is a pretty much infinite variety of soups out there…do you cook, or are you stuck to prepared foods and the generosity of others?

When I had my wisdom teeth out my wife made me mashed potatoes with bacon gravy. (God I love that woman). Filling, lots of starch, some proteen and plenty of fat. Also quit yummy.

I would suggest getting some of those shakes that are currently being marked as meal replacement. Just in case you can’t get enough nutrition from other soft foods.

There’s also cream of wheat, fruit smoothies and refried beans (wow no there’s a combination you really don’t want to do all at once.

Good luck. Drink lots of juice.

The blender is your friend.

If you’ve got bananas and OJ, just add some more fruit/milk/yogurt/ice cream and you’re set. Very filling.

The blender can also help you make easy soup out of nearly anything (canned or dried are salty and unpleasant in comparison to something you can make easily yourself, I find - and if you’re recovering from an operation you may not have too much else to do!) : fry some onions/garlic/jalepeno, add water and veggies of your choice, boil until veggies are soft, remove water, blend (adding more water if necessary). Good combos: squash and leek; tomato, roasted garlic and basil; cream of broccoli (add some milk before blending, and cheese if you want); carrot and curry; etc, etc. Put in a potato or two if you want it thick. Experiment with milk, cream, coconut milk …

Actually a blender could probably make nearly anything “soft” - if not palatable !

I also like applesauce. Mmmmm … applesauce.

Pureed cheeseburgers? :smiley:
What about mashed potatoes, canned soft meat (bletch), soft vegetables such as diced carrots, and cooked oatmeal?

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Well, in theory I can cook, but in practice I rarely do. And besides, from what I’m being told I will be in so much pain I won’t be able to drive, so I doubt that I’ll feel like cooking. So, I guess to answer your question, I’m stuck with prepared foods and generosity of others.

Eggs, bananas, pasta (wide noodles boiled, seasoned and buttered), applesauce, oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, jello, pancakes, rice pudding, if chewed thoroghly canned chicken and tuna.

I particularly enjoyed frozen fudge and fruit pops.

I’m at work, holding our copy of the “Non-Chew Cookbook” by J. Randy Wilson. Ideas :
Baby food, spiced up with seasonings
Use of a blender to puree things
Recipes that sound appealing to give you some ideas :
Mango Frappe (mango, equal or sugar, ice, vanilla, and lime juice, blended)
Sweet Potato and apple casserole (mashed cooked sweet potatoes, applesauce, honey, orange juice, and margarine, baked at 350 for 30 min)

Also, eggs count as soft food. So, scrambled eggs and juice for breakfast.
Souffles are yummy.

A friend in high school got mono and she couldn’t swallow easily, so she got hooked on baby food. Worth a try, I suppose!

My sister sleepwalked out of a second-floor window when she was in fifth grade, and had her jaw wired shut for a long, long time. (This was 40 years ago, I don’t remember how long.)

You can put a lot of stuff through the blender – I esp. remember the night my mom put stuffed green peppers through the blender. My sister sucked it up with great enthusiasm.

Cookie dough (hold the chocolate chips), made with pasteurized eggs.

You could probably make this ahead of time and freeze it in zip-lock bags, and thaw them out as needed.

If you do decide to try baby food for the convenience, I’d advise you to skip anything with meat in it. Very nasty.

The yellow vegetables (esp. squash and sweet potatoes) are a better bet and some of the fruit and fruit/cereal combinations are quite good.

Jesus, Ethilrist, I’m now looking into various surgeries for myself. A free license to eat cookie dough!!!

That’s a great idea. :smiley:

After my wisdom teeth, I stocked up on chicken broth and beef broth, thinking they’d be good, but ended up pretty much living on applesauce and tapioca instead.

Cottage cheese is another one. I’ve made a meal of a baked potato with cottage cheese mashed through the innards - it tastes good and is nutritious. Eating the skin of the tater would be out of the question, of course.

Creamed spinach is yummy.

Creamed spinach is yummy.

When I had my root canal, I pretty much lived on ice cream, Jell-O, pudding, Luigi’s Italian Ice and Mott’s applesauce.

How about braising tofu with mushroom stock (or mushrooms), sesame oil, soy and ginger and cooking it looooong till it turns to a congee sort of consistency? It’ll give you a nice change of pace flavor wise.

If you’re not up for cooking for the first few days, creamed soups offer good filling meals with a little variety thrown in. Strain the mushrooms out of cream o’shroom, cream o’potato or split pea but don’t eat any ham bits, cream of tomato is good to go as is.

Your restrictions sound quite similar to the restrictions a person having the gastric lavage/bypass surgeries face. When my sister had it done, her post-op diet started with broth and water, then she moved up to applesauce and baby food fruits and veggies, then fat-free cream soups at week 3.

Since you won’t have quite the same restrictions, try using soups to top baked potatoes, or soak bread until soft, it won’t exactly be something you can chew, but it might be a bit more of a satisfying meal.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.