Suggest easy, tasty foods I don't have to chew

Due to recent tongue surgery, I can’t chew anything for a while. I’m recovered enough to be getting really hungry but not enough to be up for much cooking. I’ve been eating a lot of…
[li]Spirutein protein drink[/li][li]applesauce[/li][li]Cream of Wheat[/li][li]yogurt[/li][li]canned soup run through the blender[/li][li]pudding (homemade by the wonderful mr emilyforce)[/li][li]mashed potatoes[/li][/ul]

Any other suggestions? I have probably at least another week of this not-chewing thing, maybe two or three.

You’ve pretty much covered what I ended up eating after a recent tonsillectomy.

If I were to add anything, it’d be:

Soy milk

I also liked the boxed creamy soups from Pacific Natural Foods–I especially liked the curried red lentil.

Philadelphia cheese with smashed blueberries mixed in…very yummy!

How about milkshakes with tasty things thrown in (cocoa powder, berries, protein powder) or simply “smoothies” which are pretty much like milkshakes but with cream/milk/yogurt instead of ice cream.

When I was told to eat soft foods only after a stomach surgery, I joking asked the doc if that included chocolate chip cookie dough. Since I’m a rather large man the doc looked at me a moment said: This would explain much…

I started a thread during that time - it must be 5 years or more back - let me see if I can find it.

See if you can find anything good in this thread

Very helpful – thank you! For instance, it mentions eggs. Eggs! :o How could I forget eggs? I’m gonna go scramble some with dill right now.

ZipperJJ, that’s what I’ve been doing with the Spirutein and I wouldn’t have made it this long if I hadn’t. It’s a protein/vitamin/etc. powder you mix with milk and other ingredients of your choice in the blender. The powder is not unlike malted milk powder in that it thickens the smoothie up nicely with a pleasant additional flavor and additional nutrition. We keep a few varieties of it (strawberry, peach, neutral) in the house pretty much all the time.

Thanks for the other suggestions too, y’all, and please keep them coming.

How about some gazpacho? That’s what I’d be making.

Small Curd Cottage Cheese
Very well cooked (mushy) lentils.
Mushy Peas
Chopped Liver
Cream of Wheat or Malt-O-Meal
Instant Oatmeal (softer in texture than steel cut or traditional-cook varieties)
Rice pudding
Creamed Corn
Pearsauce - made like applesauce, you can also do something similar with peaches, apricots or plums
Mashed Bananas (yummy with a bit of honey mixed in)
Grits (with or without cheese)
Risotto (overcook it somewhat)
Congee made with meat or vegetable broth and spices for extra flavor
Creamed Spinach
Silken tofu with any soft things added, if you need a protein boost
A very well broken down tuna mixed with a bit of mayo or cream cheese
Hearty soups put through blenders, like split pea, squash soups, potato soups, corn chowder, cream of broccoli (steam broccoli florets until tender, whirl with cream/soymilk/half-n-half as preferred, salt, pepper, easy-peasy)

If you can handle cold things, ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen fruit bars and popsicles are all good.

Flan is nice. Sort of a Mexican custard (eggs again) with a caramel sauce. That’s what I ate when I had many wisdom teeth out at the same time.

I’d recommend some Indian-type curries. Many of them are already mushed up and pretty soup-like (you generally eat with pan, but you can forgo that and just spoon it in)

things like Dal, curried lentils, curried red beans, etc. plus that tasty yogurt-based white dessert they eat, i always forget the name though.

I came in specifically to suggest cottage cheese. After removing one of my wisdoms I was unable to chew properly, so I survived on chewless food for a week or so, and cream cheese was a staple. It’s good with pretty much anything.

Woah, excellent timing-- I have sutures in my tongue as of last night, and nutrition has been interesting.

Since I can chew a little (my jaw is fine, but I can’t use my tongue to move the food arround in my mouth) I’ve been enjoying couscous-- it feels solid and substantial, but is delicate enough to be swallowed without being chewed too thoroughly.

Tunafish ran through the blender has been good to me too. I’m going to try making blender chicken salad tomorrow. I like cottage cheese with my tuna, but that may be a crazy gymrat thing. (I’m so glad to be infected with the traditional meathead thought of “ANYTHING can be made a shake” right now.)

Tofu, tofu, tofu. Tofu smoothies, tofu in broth, little cubes of plain tofu as finger food while I watch the worst movies John Carpenter ever made… Tofu is one of my favorite foods anyway, and I normally try not to eat too much of it due to being (admittedly irrationally) wary of soy, so I am spoiling myself with tofu right now.

Crushed ice with whatever toppings work for you-- I can’t take anything remotely acidic right now (the suggestion of gazpacho made me wince!) so most fruit juices or the like are out, but if you hit the point that I did this morning where it’s hard to convince your mouth it wants to eat, ice with a touch of flavor syrup or neutral fruits isn’t a bad way to spark your appetite.

If I was expecting to be out of commission longer than a few days, I’d start making baby food out of various veggies. Unappealing, but the healthier one stays, the faster one heals. But having been told that my particular procedure shouldn’t keep me off solid foods for more than three or four days, I’m going easy on myself.

We eat tons of smoothies, but don’t use a mix. The standard recipe Chez Dorkness is:
-A banana or two
-A dollop of yogurt
-Some frozen berries
-Some apple cider

Blend until smooth. It’s a great breakfast.

You don’t have to chew spaghetti if you break the noodles up before you boil them. A “smooth” sauce, and shakey parmesan cheese also require no chewing. Happy slurping!


I swear, I live and die by hummus.

Some well seasoned refried beans with cheese melted on top.

Roast beef cooked to fall apart stage in a slow cooker. Cut across the grain to half inch thick before you cook it. You can have it with the potatoes.