Highly Honored Heritage Hipsters -- Part 2

The other thread is getting pretty big and may be too hard to wade through for those who haven’t posted in a while.

So there’s this for that purpose. The other thread is still active as of this post. :slight_smile:

Good morning hipsters! or 4H’ers. Whatev. :slight_smile:

Still thawing out here in Cowtown and even Alabama is feeling the cold it looks like. Whats the sitrep in TN, Z?

A brisk 25F heading toward 11F tonight. Water-skiing weather! :smiley:

What’s a good fresh idea/notion/topic to start Part Deux?

hmm… let me ponder that whilst breaking ice off the tea pot …

I haven’t even bothered to look it up but are they still giving out Grammy Awards in a Jazz category? I saw a few oldsters/goners in the “In Memory” piece at the end of the show and only watched bits and pieces of the actual show that Zoe thought I might like. I did.

Zeldar, I think the “Highly Honored” description is too much to live up to, hence the lack of posting here. That, and the cold weather, I’m using for my excuse.

The entire issue of a suitable (and consensus) name is still in the works. Four H is just what I thought might attract the right attention as a continuation thread.

It is cold all over. So stay warm!

So, my friend, who is in his 60s, was discussing his college days. (I’d steered the conversation in that direction because my daughter, who was at the table, is beginning to have to consider colleges). I’d never known that after obtaining his BA he went to UCLA film school. While he was at UCLA he made a friend who started a band. My friend went to see them but “they were terrible, Jim was drunk onstage, etc.”. Later Jim asked my friend if he’d be the band’s manager “we need someone to make sure we get to the gigs on time and aren’t too loaded”.
It not really being my friend’s interest or skillset, he declined.
Yes, if he’d accepted…he’d have been the manager of The Doors.
You could have knocked both myself and my daughter off of our chairs with a feather when we realized my buddy had zero degrees of separation from Jim Morrison and the rest of the band.

Anybody else got zero- or one- degree stories you want to share?

Nothing as cool as that! The thing about mentioning famous or near-famous people I’ve had direct contact with, is that I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t remember me from Adam’s house cat. So it’s strictly a one-way connection. But having said that, I’ve had more than casual acquaintances with at least Clint Eastwood’s used-to-be Sondra Locke, The President on 24 Cherry Jones, some local TV talents, Elvis’s drummer DJ Fontana, and maybe a few more that will come to mind later on.

I was in a play with Sondra so maybe she would know me if you showed her a picture of me and mentioned the play. But I wouldn’t bet a 16 oz. Coke on it.

I had my ducts cleaned this morning, and no, that’s not a metaphor. A lot of crud, so I’m thinking that it hasn’t been thoroughly done since the major reno back in 2005. No wonder the house smelled funky to me. In the process, duct boy discovered a small gas leak, so the gas company is on the way over as I type.

Mornin Freaky Ones! Cold enough for you yet down there Z? Heard you had some weather!

Bolded mine. Love those colorful sayings of yours! :smiley:

Truman: that is the coolest story! Morrison was so dark and yes, drunk. So many rocknrollas of that era were so self-destructive. What a waste of talent.

According to The Weather Channel we topped out yesterday at 18 and got down to 10 last night and right now they say we’re at 9 heading for a blistering 29, so I’m holding off on watering the yard.

As for colorful sayings, it’s pretty much a habit of trying to avoid the real cliches, espcially the similes, while still trying to make use of witty stuff. I’ve been exposed to that style of expression all my life and I always appreciate a well-turned phrase.

Didn’t we just try having a go at the pet phrases and colorful speech in our various regions? Was it in the earlier thread? (That’s another reason to start this one. :slight_smile: ) I went and looked it up: Your Post #235. Maybe everybody will see it this time if I put it in BOLD ITALICS "Colorful Expressions in Your Neck of the Woods". :smiley:

Pardon my misreading your first sentence as “tear ducts” because that made me wince. My ducts are overdue for a good cleaning. And, as for gas, we are dependent on electricity for heating and have suffered for it in the past when ice storms took out our power. Fortunately the cold weather we’ve had this year has been with minimal precip so that’s not been an issue. But it could happen!

Time to get a woodstove maybe Z! And those kerosene lamps that our grandparents all used …

Yep. I used to have (may still do if I could find them) two Coleman camping stoves and a Coleman lantern, but they’d be unsafe to use indoors because of the carbon monoxide concerns. Besides, I’m not sure I could still find “white gas” to burn in them.

I’ve always maintained the silly thought that if it got too cold here, we’d just go to a motel and wait out the cold conditions. That’s ignoring the likelihood that if the power would be out here, there would likely be traffic issues as well. But it does indicate my “head in the sand” approach to things I either can’t or don’t want to try to control. :slight_smile:

Besides, I got me a rabbit’s foot at the State Fair years ago and it’s held me in good stead so far. :smiley:

My g-parents’ house was a deep MO log cabin and was pretty drafty so I guess they werent concerned about the CO buildup - the wind just whistled on thru! And their woodstove was fueled by real wood from the timberland around the farm.

I still recall being baffled by the knowledge (as a toddler) that I couldnt just find a bathroom INSIDE the house - and that Id have to walk outside to the “outside bathroom” aka outhouse. No running water inside either. Simpler times but it seems like a hard life to me now.

Makes one wonder about the “good old days” for sure. I’m reminded of that line from The Way We Were, “What’s too painful to remember We simply choose to forget” and how we do indeed have selective memories for the pleasant over the unpleasant.

Re: the Jim Morrison story. I used to work with a guy in the Department of State who in a prior existence was one of those people who sets up the electronics, amps, mics, etc. for performers. He worked mainly in Nashville on things like The Johnny Cash Show, so had been up close with a lot of stars and future stars (his roommate at one time was Ronnie Milsap, who he threw off the balcony into the pool after Ronnie used his pillow for some sexual adventure). Anyway, he was telling me that he was called in off vacation (getting married) and offered triple overtime to set up for an Elvis appearance. He was pissed, because he was heading out on his honeymoon.

So he’s hunkered down, dealing with some balky equipment when somebody walks up behind him and says in a soft drawl: “I just wanted to thank you for coming in on your time off.” He turns around and there’s The King. They talked for a bit, and after explaining why he wasn’t exactly happy to be there, Elvis takes out a huge wad of cash and peels off a few hundred, telling him to have a really nice honeymoon.

^^ MAN! And that explains why he was the King I guess! He really spread the wealth around huh?

That’s one of the consistent qualities people attribute to Elvis: generosity. That and never forgetting people who helped him along the way. Colonel Parker held him back on many gestures of over-friendliness, but he was always doing right by others.