If you're over 60, post a lot, and have a sick sense of humor, log in here

I could probably get your names from poster listings on some of the weirder threads I’ve been party to, but I’d prefer it if you self-identify in this thread so I know it’s okay with you.

I know there are at least 50 of you, likely way more than that, that I see over and over wherever I post, and I feel as if we are in some sort of “secret society” of weird geezers who have little to do but hang out here and pretend we have a life.

Does that fit you at all? :slight_smile: I’m not picky about your age, either.

Description fits me to a T.

Yo, Bro! Thanks for keeping this from being a 0-replies disaster. Maybe you broke the ice.

I’m 60 and enjoy black humor and surrealist humor, so count me in!

Indeed! I’ve been noticing you and dig your style.

Disabled Chinese acrobats of the SDMB, where do you buy your rubber bands?

I like to think I have a sick sense of humor, but those damn kids keep getting sicker and sicker.

Now get off my lawn, and take the girl with one leg named Ilene with you!

Welcome aboard the silly train. Toot, toot! (Sound of mouse farts.)

I’ll be 60 tomorrow and I don’t know if my sense of humor is so much sick as, um, unique. But geezers is some of my favorite peoples!

I’ll be 59 my next birthday, so count me in.

Happy birthday to the sexy sexagenarian!

Well, then, maybe this can count as your birthday party. Happy 6-0!

BTW, unique is good.

No doubt!

I am not yet our of my fifties, but that’s no matter, because I will always have the heart of a little boy…
…in a jar of formaldehyde on my desk.

Outstanding! You’re in!

Don’t you think we need a name for our gang?

Surely something’s better than Zeldar’s Zanies, right?

Whatcha got?

This. Close enough for jazz.

I just turned 51.

runs across your lawn

Good to see ya! Here’s a popsicle and a Baby Ruth.

I fit numbers one and three, and while I don’t post a lot, I read here - and laugh - a lot.

Sick humor, particularly the juvenile variety, is my thing. Smart-ass comments are an art form.