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Originally posted by Louie on July 14 1789


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Originally posted April 14. 1865 by Crazy mama Mary

Finally, I get Abe to take a night off and take me to the theater! Can’t wait to finally have a relaxing night alone with him.

Originally Posted April 15, 1865 by Jokester Hey, Crazy momma Mary! How did you like the show?

Originally posted by Crazy Mark on November 27, 1980:

I’ll be off the Boards for a couple of weeks. I’m going to New York and hang out. Who knows what famous people I will see while there? MAYBE EVEN A BEATLE!

Originally posted September 17, 1787 by Publius
Are those nimrods meeting at the State House ever going to show their sorry-ass faces and tell us what they’ve been talking about all summer? The way they go on and on, you’d think people will be picking over their words 200 years from now.

The good news is that I’ve got Ben in the Death Pool, and I figure he’s a goner in the heat.


Originally posted Oct. 31, 1517

Some troll just posted a list of 95 things wrong with the administration of the Church on another bulletin board. What do you folks think of these? Go to www.wittenbergcatherdraldoor.net to check out the flaming.

Originally posted by Nappy on June 18, 1815:

Can someone tell me what this song is that is going through my head:

Waterloo…finally facing my Waterloo

**Thread started in Great Debates by Lot July 4 180 **

What would be worse for a righteous man: Letting a mob have sex with two male angels or with my two virgin under-aged daughters?

**Thread started in MPSIMS by Lot on July 6 180 **
Anyone else notice some unusual weather (i.e. fire & brimstone)?

Thread started in Cafe Society by Lot July 7 180

What can I do with all this salt?

Originally posted on April 29, 1789 by Tofua Tom

Hmmm, I see a small boat approaching the island from open sea. Must be aliens!!! They’re probably here to eat our brains, so we’d better kill them before they kill us!!

August 4, 1902 in In My Honest Opinion

April 1, 1908 in MPSIMS

March 2, 1943 on the front page:
Sorry! The Straight Dope is closed, to conserve energy for the war effort. Buy War Bonds! V for Victory! Loose Lips Sink Ships! Slap a Jap! Kill a Kraut!

September 6, 1952 in General Questions:

March 12, 1959 in MPSIMS

(The thread went on for about 20 pages, and the OP was not pitted.)

July 16, 1984 in The BBQ Pit:

January 3, 1986 in About This Message Board: