hijacking my browser ...AGAIN

come the fuck on…i have NEVER been to a website that has hijacked my browser so much!

I use Safari Version 10.1 (10603.…a new banner ad running on the top of SDMB pages hijacks and redirects my browser to the top of the page where the video is running. This has been an ongoing problem. Why can’t it be fixed??

As i stated, this does NOT happen on other sites or in other chat rooms that i visit.


Different things help - adblockers, running a MAC, closing down your browser now and then and cleaning out cookies. But hijacking ads are just a fact of modern life. Think of them as the current todays version if ads featuring Anita Bryant. :wink:

It doesn’t have to be though, as you yourself pointed out by mentioning adblockers. I can’t remember the last time I saw a popup ad or had my browser hijacked but it was a long time ago. I use a laptop and I realize it’s harder for people using cellphones but as far as I’m aware they too now have access to adblockers, scriptblockers, etc. The net really does not have to be a thoroughly miserable experience.

BTW those in the worst position of course are the people who log on while at work. They can’t do anything to stop this shit other than trying to do most online stuff at home.

Sometimes a case if YMMV. I’m running an older MAC and it can be — well, lets say an issue sometimes. Its easier to shut down and clear cookies once a week or so. One thing I will admit though; I almost never visit the actual Straight Dope site or hit the link to the article in “comments on” anymore. Even being a member and logged in doesn’t help there.