Getting hijacked

Tonight after clicking submit on a post I got redirected to a picture of a padlock labeled “Locked Content page” which in turn redirected to something like mobapps. co (with no space). It happened again just going to ATMB. Took me three tries to get to where I could create this thread. This on iOS Safari.

Turns out it’s mobtraffic dot co, and also sometimes dkpartner dot com, and it’s happening with alarming frequently. A Google search reveals that other sites have had issues with this, and that it has to do with ads.

Same thing happened to me.

Thanks for the report. I have forwarded this info to the appropriate folks.

Me also. Using an iPad. Multiple times today.

Happened to me too.

Yeah, it started happening to me too the last couple of days, basically on my iPad. I have a virus checker on my desktop computer and it doesn’t seem to be happening there. It’s pretty annoying and it means I’m going to stop reading the Dope on my iPad until this clears up.

I’ve been in touch with our ad guy - we think we have a lead on where this came from and will try to get it stopped. As a reminder, pls provide the name of the advertiser, the URL of any page you were redirected to, or any other information that would enable us to identify the offending advertiser. Thanks.

Here’s the url I get hijacked to:

Just happened to me too, on Mercury for iOS. The only reason I use that browser is because this webpage already gives ad redirects on Safari.

This is happening every single time I click on Cafe Society, for now this website is completely unusable.

Funny how this is the only website I visit that constantly has problematic ads.

Happened to me, too. If you click Always Block Cookies, the problem goes away.

Here’s something weird: my right-click functions on the mouse are not working while I’m on The Dope. They’re working everywhere else. It just started.

Signed out and back in 5 minutes later and problem solved. I don’t wanna know.

It went away for a couple of hours now it’s back with a vengeance, making the site pretty worthless. Hopefully it gets cleared up soon.