redirected to full page ads on iPad. boards hacked?

Starting about 8 hours ago I’m unable to access SDMB on iPad. I get redirected about four times then eventually to a random spammy full page ad. One of the middle URL’s in the redirect sequence is always tradeadexhange dot com

the actual SDMB forum page never loads, not even underneath, so impossible to access at all. It’s not happening on OS X desktop. Anyone else seeing this? Has SDMB been hacked?

I doubt it’s SDMB, more likely you’ve got malware on you iPad. Can you get to other sites on it?

Loading fine on my phone, but I run an adblocker on the mobile browser that does a good job of stopping stuff my membership doesn’t.

Yes it works fine on all other websites and I’m on the latest iOS, it’s not jailbreaked and I’m pretty careful about what I install on it. There really isn’t any malware for iOS that can hijack safari in this kind of way if you have the latest version. Looks to me like it’s caused by the tapatalk redirection (I don’t have tapatalk installed).

Looks like a genuine issue to me, I’ll try and check on another device.