More damned malware from the SDMB

I foolishly tried to reply to a post using my iPad, and when I hit “submit” a new page opened up plus a bunch of random looking characters.

Once I managed to close that window, my reply had been deleted. I hit the back button and luckily it returned but come on. Enough is enough. When are you going to stop the sleazy add providers you dredge the bottom of the barrel for? If you’re so hard up for cash that you’re resorting to actual malware providers, why not at least do it lucratively for instance, buying orphans and selling them to mine blood diamonds ?

And, ETA, it just happened again but did not delete my post, but I got a similar web page. I know this might be surprising to our corporate overlords, but a system that interferes with people posting content which is all this site has to offer is not in the best interest of the ST MB and it’s long-term health financial or otherwise. Just a thought.

You and I have similar luck and we both use iPads. Whenever I write a post I’m constantly copying the content so I don’t lose it on a page reload. I think the SD needs to particularly look into their mobile ad providers.

I wonder who the real customers are in this situation. Do they receive more revenue from us, or from the advertisers?

This hijack I was actually able to go back to the Dope, usually I need to close the browser/tab & open a new one
h t t p://

Recently when browsing on an iPad I’ve that their “advertisers” shunt me into the Apple Store and try to download various spammy apps. Turning off JavaScript makes pages refuse to load, so that isn’t an option. I haven’t gotten th hijacking cascading modal windows i. a while but page redirects occur about one time in ten. I’d pay for a subscription, but last time I did that the SMDB switched to an “all ads” model and I got bottom ads despite paying $15, so screw that. Every time I get a bunch of these in rapid succession I’m about “” this close to never logging in ever again.


I’m getting hijacked into a phoney website claiming some kind of bullshit trivia contest that won’t let me go easily.

I suppose that’s better than being threatened by a bullshit virus repair, like before, but still. This sucks.

And now it is videos at the bottom of the page screaming at high volume.

How is this supposed to make anyone want to purchase a product or service, exactly?


Is the Ghostery browser available for ipads? It’s been a lifesaver for my android devices.

I can report this exact same thing. I access the Dope on an iPhone 6, using Safari.

Lately, when I visit the board from my android phone, I get a redirect plus popup from “” telling me I have won an iPhone or something. There ist no way to close the popup (other than clicking OK) and no way to go back either. I have to close the tab.

Now I’m getting redirected to a page that is advertising, and I am not making this up, “Ripple Pea Milk” which describes itself as “Dairy free, as it should be,” and has a picture of a small child who appears to have just been molested by someone he is staring at right off screen. I can only assume this is some kind of malignant parody for people who still remember Red Fox on Sandford and Son as I can’t imagine anyone drinking something called “pea milk” or describing it as “delicious” if they did.

If this is a genuine product–the thought of which horrifies me almost as much as receiving a personal invitation from Reince Priebus to visit the White House for a “special tour”–then I’d like the management to inform their advertiser that this ad will never, ever compel me to purchase or use their product, either internally, as a salve for burns, or as a cleaning product regardless of how well it removes vomit from carpet and upholstery.

I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,


I only open this site on a laptop with Adblock, sadly.

I’m logged in. There are ads all over the pages. I thought they went away when a user is logged in.

You’re a guest. Paid membership is where it’s at.
Or NoScript and AdBlockerPlus.