Hilarious 80's retro gimmick

Go to http://www.80s.com/Entertainment/ValleyURL/ and type your favorite URL in, and watch this site translate that other site into valley girl speak. For instance, by putting physicspost.com in, we find Michio Kaku saying,

The late Carl Sagan once asked this question, “What totally does it mean for a civilization to be a million years old? Like, I am so sure! We totally have totally had radio telescopes and spaceships for a few decades; our technical civilization is totally a few hundred years old… an advanced civilization millions of years old is totally as much beyond us as like we are beyond a bush baby or a macaque.”

Of course I had to try this with Straight Dope and the SDMB.

Cecil’s latest article on why we are in space:

The SDMB front page:

GD description:


That is like totally cool. I like so can’t add anything more to this totally rad thread but I just haaad to stop by on my way to the Galleria. I’m having a totally shoe moment.


Hey, I used to use the Unix and DOS versions of this! I have the source code for it on my machine. I was going to do much the same thing. I also have a number of other translaters (like “jive”). Too much fun…

Rinkworks.com also has a fun dialectiser here . Good fun!

Thus, Today’s question as reported by a Swedish Chef:

Vhy ere-a ve-a in spece-a?

Deer Ceceel:

Dooreeng cuferege-a ooff zee recent Culoombeea spece-a shoottle-a tregedy, zee soobject ooff zee impurtunce-a ooff cundoocteeng medeecel ixpereements in spece-a ceme-a up. Hoo dues perffurmeeng ixpereements in zeru grefeety eeed in sceeentiffic und medeecel reseerch? --zeeremeen

What George Bush said today about Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in jive:

“As some last reso’t, we gots’ta be willin’ t’use military fo’ce,” de super-dude said. “We is hangin’ everydin’ we kin t’avoid war in Iraq. Ah be baaad… But if Saddam Hussein duz not disarm peacefully, he gots’ta be disarmed by fo’ce.”


Priceless. Thanks for sharing, Toffe.