Hillary Clinton wears ugly clothes while scrambling for political leverage..

Hey, I do respect the lady, she ran for public office and won, kudos to her. And nobody can ever say she hasn’t got guts. But what she hasn’t got, evidently, is a Fashion Adviser.

In today’s Chicago Tribune, there’s a full frontal top to bottom, head to toe, picture of her standing in front of the Usual Array of Microphones, credited to Kevin Lamarque of Reuters. Such a camera angle does nothing for anybody to begin with, but it isn’t helped by the fact that she’s got this sort of Ellen DeGeneres thing going, black slim trousers, black jacket, white open-front shirt peeking out, and on the feet, clunky black shoes like the ones The Cat Who Walks Alone keeps bringing home from the mall and leaving under the coffee table, and I keep picking up and tossing into her room with a sigh. UG–LY, in other words.

The head and shoulders shot posted on the Trib on-line page isn’t so bad, it leaves out the black pants and the shoes.

So, what, is this the new Power Look for career women? Men in Black? What happened to the tailored suit with skirt and low pumps? Or is a New York thing? This is what career women are wearing in the Big Apple, ninja outfits with ugly mall shoes?


And if any of you “foreigners” wanna know how come she’s speechifying on this particular occasion:

the black pant suit thing has become her sig. she made a joking reference to it in her victory speech. i’m not sure if she is trying for the: “take me serious look,” or just going by gloria’s clothing rules; pants in winter, dresses and skirts in summer.

She’s probably just trying not to have anything people can comment on. Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, and even Libby Dole and Janet Reno got mugged by the fashion police.

DDG, I love the juxtaposition of your sig with the second half of your post.

Thanx, RC, I’m kinda out of the loop, didn’t realize that was her sig.

Still ugly shoes, though. :smiley: