Hillary Clinton's crying, I'm embarassed to admit

I wanted to kiss away. Gently cradle her face in my hands and kiss away her tears.

Sigh. Okay, now you know. Have at it.

And fuck you.

hmmph. I thought it was a sign of weakness you’d never see in an elected president and that it sealed the deal for her (til last night, when I was reminded about geographical location’s affect on opintion)

and then I was reminded how it’s not a democracy, it’s a two party system and was sad I won’t get to vote for my kind of candidate.

But this isn’t the pit.


Insert pukey smiley.

Who are you saying “fuck you” to? The people that don’t want a leader that will break down in the middle of… well, by the looks of it, just about anything?

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Normally, I’d say that too. That concern presupposes the notion that allowing oneself to break down in one situation (where perhaps stoicism is not important) suggests an alarming lack of control that would manifest itself in another situation in which stoicism is important. No two ways about it: it’s still true that having a leader that would, say, break down in front of negotiations with another world leader would be a political disaster and pretty fucking embarrassing for all concerned. Being stoic is important sometimes, no question about it. But I don’t think Hillary would have that problem; I think she’d be more like Bill, whose emotive nature doesn’t do him in in situations where it’d be a liability. I don’t see her as weak.

Still wanna kiss 'em away, and I don’t care who knows it. So there.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess…

Now if it were Chelsea… sign me up!

Hillary haters: it’s a sign of weakness

Hillary admirers: she has a heart

Why is crying when you’re moved a sign of weakness?

Now if she’d cried because someone called her a poopy-head, I’d say there might be a problem.

Because there’s no place for crying when you’re trying to solve problems. Letting emotion get in the way of decision making is simply not acceptable. If I understand the clip right, she was crying because she was upset because somebody else might win the election, and not her. Hardly seems like a situation warranting such extreme emotion. YMMV.

She was choking up because she lost…You win some, you lose some, but if you don’t get what you want, how often are you moved to tears over it? She’s playing with the big dogs and if she can’t handle a little defeat, that might be a telling thing.

You could always pinch her cheek.

Not even if she were covered in chocolate. :wink:

Is everyone watching the same clip that I am? Is there some other clip where she’s weeping, incapable of rational thought or coherent speech? Seriously - somewhere on youtube or whatnot, there’s footage of Hilary Clinton gasping for air and wiping away snot with her shirtsleeve, or maybe at least having an actual tear on her face, right?

Because all I saw was a person discussing an emotional issue get a momentary, tiny, catch in her voice. A catch in her voice.

I do not say things like this often; I’m not the type to see sexism everywhere. But if Hilary Clinton were a man, this “breakdown” would have been a non-issue. Last night, after showing the clip and expressing incredulity that it was viewed as a breakdown at all, Jon Stewart showed a nice montage of male political leaders - including such noted possessors of weak will as Richard Nixon - crying in public. He didn’t comment after it, and he didn’t actually have to.

Nobody, whether they liked her or not, ever called Margaret Thatcher weak. But when she was forced out of office in 1990, she cried. Women cry. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t imply anything beyond itself. Come to that, the only reason men don’t cry as much is social conditioning.

There weren’t any tears to kiss away.

At first I thought her voice was just rough from talking non-stop for 6 weeks.

True enough, but that doesn’t apply here. She wasn’t letting emotion get in the way of decision making. She was just moved. As a result, so was I.

I think it was a premeditated act. It appears to have worked.

And then there are those who, upon hearing catastrophic news, continue to sit quietly reading My Pet Goat to a group of school children and show no emotion and do absolutely nothing.

Personally, I would rather have someone show some emotion when they make a decision.

A few tears at hearing 3000 people died in the military attack you authorized seems a lot more real that some bullshit platitude like, “Laura and I will keep them in our prayers.”