Hillary, Nancy or Barbara....guys, who would you pick?

So you’re guy, and you’re getting on in years, and health problems are starting to affect your life. What kind of wife do you hope you have? Your choices are:

1.Hillary…ambitious, driven career woman who seems perfectly happy not to be around you, whom you have publicly embarassed, and who is not overly domestic. Loves you, but knows your weak points.

  1. Nancy…high-energy, high-maintenance, but adores you down to the ground. Can’t take her eyes off you, you are her god. Can’t imagine her life without you…in fact, you worry how she’ll fare when you are gone. Wants nothing more than to make you happy, and will move heaven and earth to protect you.

  2. Barbara…practical, sensible, comfortable…and she thinks you’re just wonderful. Feels as confident in the kitchen as on the talk show circuit. Doesn’t let much faze her. You know you won’t have to worry about her after you’re gone because she has surrounded you both with a loving wall of family. Giggles a lot, and never lets you forget she adores you, but expects good behavior.

So put aside any preferences for the physical package. Just based on personality and temperment, who would you want to spend your declining years with?

The woman described in #3.

Or Lindsay Lohan

Hillary. I’m pretty independent.

If I pick Hillary, do I have to publically embarass her?

The woman described in #3, only with her looking like Lindsay Lohan.

Three, one, two. In that order.

I would prefer them to look like Hilary Duff though.

#3, but she should look a little less like the Quaker Oats man.

What spooje said. If we leave my own moral standing out of it, what’s the downside of being married to an intelligent, ambitious, independent, 21st-century-kinda-woman?

Hmm … maybe I could just be gay instead?

#1, then #3. I’m not compatible with #2 on many levels.

Based on your definitions, I think I’m already married to #3.

By the way, have any of you seen photos of Barbara Bush when she was young?

She may not quite have been Lindsay Lohan, but I can easily see how Lindsay Lohan could turn into Barbara Bush.

Why can’t Roslyn “The Steel Magnolia” Carter get in on this? I’d pick her over Hillary, Barbara or Nancy, and I wouldn’t complain if she looked like either Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan.

Betty Ford.

C’mon, you don’t have to worry about #3 because nobody else would be attracted to her.

Hillary, all the way baby.

I’m not a guy so I guess I can’t really say, but as a woman, I don’t think Barbara Bush was or is unattractive.

Young Barbara Bush

A wedding photo

With George

with young children

She’s old and grandmotherly to be sure, but is that really so unattractive if you’re a “guy, and you’re getting on in years, and health problems are starting to affect your life?”

Does anyone else think Young George looks a lot like Prince Charles or Prince Philip in these photos?


Those were the guidelines…
I knew I couldn’t get guys to ignore the physical and just concentrate on the attributes that will serve you best in your declining years! Can you really see a #1 devoting all her time and energy to making sure you are fed, clean and safe if you should fall victim to a debilitating disease? Does what she looks like matter more than how much she loves you? (Remember, in this scenario, you don’t look like Pierce Brosnan…more Walter Matthau).

So if we added a
4. Rosalyn…Competent, steely, full of faith and nobody’s fool. She’s made a life of her own, with you by her side…not joined at the hip, but sharing everything. You rely of her guidance and insight, and she smiles every time you enter a room. And she gets your jokes. Nothing is too much to ask for her, and she isn’t beguiled by the bright lights of the big city…unless you are there with her.

Will that change your vote?

Okay, they can all look like Grace Kelly. Sheesh!

My fiance is a little from column A (ambitious, independent) and little from columm C (practicle, sensible, and digs ME :smiley: )

Dolly Madison