Is it just me or does Hillary Clinton look insanely hot in this picture?

Hillary Rodham c. 1968
I saw this on Drudge’s page today. I think she was about 21 at the time. Damn. I think it’s partly the angle of the photo, but it’s also the insouciant facial expression, the slight curl of the mouth and the merest hint of boobage. Wow. Plus she was smart too. I can see why a young Bill Clinton would want to sidle up next to that and say, “How YOU doin?” (He probably had a better line than that, though).

Anyway, wow. She looks hella sexy in that picture.

It’s just you.

Oh I’d hit it, ex-presidential wives are a fetish of mine. Where are the Mami Eisenhower photos?

SSG Schwartz

She looks like the girl I took to the senior prom, who was a good friend and kinda cute, but not insanely hot.

She’s now a pediatrician somewhere, so she was smart as well.

I’d hit it.

Nice, attractive, the sort of girl that my 21-year-old self would have been seriously attracted to (but probably frightened of) – but not “insanely” hot.

Mamie Eisenhower at age twenty, with Ike.

I’ve seen lots worse looking women.

The thing is, I’ve nmever really thought of HRC as all that hot. I’ve seen pictures when she was younger before and just thought she was ok looking but nothing to write home about. For some reason this particular photo makes her look really hot to me. Maybe “insanely” hot was overstating it, but surprisingly hot for a Hillary pic.

I’ve seen pics of her as a young woman and she was very attractive. She* is* 60 years old, so you can’t expect those looks to last forever and I don’t think she’s the type to pursue beauty treaments.
I think Hillary has always been a more traditionalist when it comes to her personality, whereas Bil is a randy SOB. Remember, she came from a very conservative republican family.
Bill’s charisma seems to come naturally, Hillary has to work hard to try to make people like her and, in the end, I don’t think she’s all that concerned whether they do or not. She’s a very serious person.

When I first saw that picture, I thought it looked a heckuva lot better than this one.

Wow. Very hot.

And Silenus from now on is disqualified from any female looks commenting.

OK, this statement I can agree with.

Only on the Dope, you know?

Anyway, I’ve seen other pictures of Hillary when she was that age (not the one in dnooman’s post and been very surprised by how attractive she was. She looked a little like a friend of mine from college.

I have an aunt, by marriage, who looks a lot like Mamie. She’s in her 80’s now, but when she was younger I always thought she was a very beautiful woman, especially those big dark eyes.

It isn’t just you. I’m a straight woman. I’d rather vote than for Voldermort than Hillary Clinton and I think she’s hot in that picture.

That is why I post here. I made a joke and find that Maime is actually attractive. Now, I am waiting for the Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford fans to chime in.

SSG Schwartz

Let get out my calculator. Attractive + Articulate + Smart + Confident = Hotness. So, yeah, I go with “hot.”

ETA: Now if she only had a sense of humor. Now that would be “insanely hot.”

Betty (Bloomer) Ford

Ain’t just you. She looks kinda slutty, actually.

Somebody finds a pic where Barbara Bush looks hot and I think I’ll fall out of my chair. Double that for Eleanor Roosevelt, just to keep it non-partisan.