Hillary will get to the bottom of Area 51!

Ok, now this I want to see.

Hillary has promised a UFO conspiracy person that if elected she will investigate and tell everyone about all the aliens at Area 51.

From the article:

"The Democratic frontrunner also added that her campaign chairman John Podesta is a big fan of UFOlogy. “He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out,” she said. “One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.”

Wow, that says alot about here top people!

Now if she is on the level and truly doesnt know about Area 51 she is going to be gravely dissapointed that it is nothing more than a weapons proving ground and no aliens there. But the thing that gets me is Bill already should have known this and told Hillary not to go making such absurd promises.

I don’t get the impression that this was a serious conversation.

“When HuffPost emailed Steer to ask if he thought Clinton was being serious about the things she said, he responded, saying it was a light-hearted conversation and he felt Clinton was just having fun.”

Bah, President Trump will turn it into an amusement park; bringing much valuable cash and tourism to wherever the hell it is.

Make Area 51 great again!!!

I’m going to start making the red baseball caps now. I’ll be rich!!!

She’s just trying to trace the origin of Trump’s hair.

Plus, he will make the aliens pay for it.

I was worried that Hillary was never going to address the serious issues until now.

I expect nothing less than a deep and penetrating probe.

She’s just courting the alien vote.

I don’t know what the big deal is. You can just go to YouTube and see video’s of the aliens there, their spaceships and their autopsies.

Have none of you seen that documentary: Independence Day?

Thank goodness nobody has seen the Transformers movies, because then the REAL questions would be about what’s inside Hoover Dam.

This is the break the Kodos and Kang campaign was waiting for!

[Sterling Archer]
[/Sterling Archer]

Aren’t aliens illegal? I mean, I keep hearing all the time about this problem we supposedly have with illegal aliens. I think we should prevent their flying saucers from landing until we figure out what’s going on.

They want you to think the aliens are at Area 51. But Area 51 is just a distraction so you don’t find out about Area 52.

Not at all, plenty of legal ones, just ask Sting.

Does no one remember that her husband has already done this? Or does she think that aliens crashed there during the Bush/Obama administrations?

This is the actual article from the Conway Sun.

The more important question, why hasn’t Obama gotten to the bottom of Area 51?! Does he have something to hide?!

Mind you, I’m not suggesting he was born anywhere but Honolulu . . . but I’m not ruling out the possibility he was actually hatched there . . .