Hillary's supporters need to calm down and stop depressing primary turnout.

I suggest the OP take a look at the front page of Reddit’s politics subforum. Today, like damn near every day in the past half year or so, it’s nearly filled with constant Hillary bashing from Sanders’ supporters. Pro-Hillary comments are downvoted as soon as they’re posted.

And the OP thinks that Hillary’s supporters are picking on Sanders? Come on.

I think you’re right, although that perplexes me. In terms of minority voters, what does Clinton bring to the table that Bernie doesn’t? I get that Bill is often referred to as “the first black president” but I don’t understand why African-Americans specifically and racial minorities in general are so loyal to her. What do they see in her that they don’t see in Bernie? Or to put it another way, why is their support for Bernie lower than for white voters? In a vacuum I would expect them to be more receptive to Bernie’s economic and healthcare messages than Hillary’s, for example.

Maybe Hillary’s people are taking down pro-Sanders notices on the bulletin boards at senior centers.

The basic thing I see is that there is a view that Sanders views everything as part of an economic worldview - in that racism is something that would be ameliorated through economic justice. Clinton, OTOH, appears to see racial issues are something entirely distinct from economic issues and needs to be dealt with separately.

Most AAs that I know have the later view.

But we’re not in a vacuum. The context is a world in which the Clintons have courted the African-American community for decades while Sanders, coming from a nearly all-white state, has never before had a need or the real opportunity to do so. Why should they throw away years of a mutual relationship to jump to another old white guy? Issues? I keep telling everyone that issues aren’t politics. Connections are politics.

Criticizing Hillary Clinton is sexist, dontchaknow? Just like criticism of Obama is racist.

Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is like voting against her because she is a woman.

I support Hillary because she’s more likely to come to Bone’s house and grab his guns!

I think both sides needs to calm the fuck down and be Democrats first and a Clinton/Sanders supporter 2nd.

Euphemism alert!

Could be worse, she could go to Gun’s house and . . . never mind.

Loyalty to the Party is the most important thing, after all.

And this likely spells doom for Bernie on Super Tuesday. He can’t get himself and his people into all those states for long enough to change anyone’s mind. Hillary has been lining up the machine and the endorsements for a long time, she’s got Bernie beat on the ground game.

It is for a lot of Democrats. Nothing wrong with it either, TBH.

Well said, Comrade.

The Republicans are not merely the best illustration of this, they’re the best illustration of why the Democrats need to ensure that no Republican gets elected president.

Really very confused by this op.

It seems to be trying to make the case that bashing Hillary is fine and dandy because “those of us on the Bernie side have legitimate criticisms of Hillary” but expressing concerns about Bernie, in particular about his electability and how “socialist” will play in a general election with severe Swift Boat style tactics being used, or otherwise stating that he is not the best current option, is disallowed as it might “depress turnout” … his supporters are that fragile I guess.

It does not make any coherent sense. And if anything this has been a remarkable low (not zero) negative attack campaign so far with the negativity from Sanders supporters far outpacing the negativity from the Hillary-side to my experience. Mostly Hillary supporters are expressing concern that Sanders would be ineffectual if elected, concerns that his plans are unrealistic, and worry that he may be unelectable in the first place, which are all issues that are very reasonable to discuss and to consider. Really those are polite critiques to what Bernie’s people say about Hillary and what Bernie himself clearly implies. Which again, by any standard of past elections, is pretty mild itself.

And those of us on the Hillary side have legit criticisms of Bernie.

In my experience, the main difference between Trump supporters and Sanders supporters is that while both tend towards a simplistic and naive understand of the big issues, like economics or global security, Sanders supporters have an image of themselves as being far more sophisticated in their views than everyone else. They don’t just think that their criticisms are legitimate, but that they are the only legitimate criticisms currently being voiced in the public political discussion.

That makes two of us. If anything it’s Bernie supporters that need to calm down. And i have no idea how either one is depressing turn out.

What exactly is either campaign doing that’s likely to “depress primary turnout” anyway?

Along those lines, the Washington Post ran an article today titled “Bill Clinton unloads on Bernie Sanders.” Eww.