Who do you want to win the Democratic nomination for President?

Again, much as the title says - vote for who you want to win, not who you think will win.
Limiting this one to just Clinton and Sanders.

I voted for “I lean right and want Sanders.” Sanders and Clinton both suck on free speech, but I think Sanders could be a positive influence despite that, while Clinton is still one of the assholes who made the Iraq War happen.

Hillary because I think she has more realistic ideas about what can actually get done. Sanders may be right in that we need a revolution, but you can count me out.

The least bad option for me was “I lean right and want Clinton,” so that’s what I clicked. But I actually support Martin O’Malley and think he is the best of the three running for the Democratic nomination. Very unfortunate his name wasn’t included as an option here.

Clinton, because she’s both the most pragmatic candidate and because she doesn’t have the anti-nuclear and anti-GMO nonsense Sanders does.

I agree. I think O’Malley would make a better president than any other candidate, on either side.

Sanders. He won’t make any revolution, but he’ll crack open the door for one.

I think it would be great if Sanders won, but I don’t think he would beat the Republican in the General Election. Therefore, I want Clinton to win.

What about those of who lean neither left nor right? Or, at best, lean left on certain things and right on others?

The left leaning part of me wants Bernie to win, as someone who will get us out of these fucking wars and [at lest try to] reduce the military budget. The right leaning part of me wants Hillary to win, as someone who will keep an emphasis on free trade and not give in to destructive, populist economic policies.

But the left leaning part of me is concerned about Bernie’s viability as a national candidate. If he’s running against Trump, I think he can win. Anyone else, and I think he loses. So the left leaning part of me won’t be too concerned if Hillary wins the nomination. She’s good enough.

I like O’Malley too. I can’t decide between Clinton and Sanders. Both are okay, neither are that great.

I’m a left-leaning Hillary supporter. No repeat of McGovern '72 if you please, thanks anyhow!

There are few living people that I despise more than Hillary Clinton, but Sanders is just too darn wacky on economics. Though watching both parties implode if Sanders and Trump are nominated would be quite the spectacle.

Oh, yes, about that . . .

Oof, salon.com. Ordinarily I try not to give them clicks, but since you’re already lured me into opening the story, I guess I will hold my nose and suffer through it to see what silly argument they are advancing.

Okay, not entirely silly. Some interesting historical points, which I as a college history major appreciate. But I think the author acknowledges yet entirely overly discounts the problem with having an avowed socialist as nominee (and one who honeymooned* in the USSR, to boot). Gallup has found that the “S” label is the only one that turns off more voters than does “atheist” or “Muslim”. And Bernie appears to be pretty close to being an atheist as well, so that’s a potentially lethal combo.

I do think Bernie would have about a 75% chance of defeating Trump or Cruz. But that’s cold comfort, since Hillary’s chances in my estimation would be more like 99%.

*Yes, yes: I know. Sanders didn’t really honeymoon in the USSR. He just took a trip there with his wife the day after they got married, and referred to it as a “honeymoon” many times after that. That this is the same guy who at the time was calling for the nationalization of major industries in the U.S. is, I’m sure, just an unfortunate coincidence. But in politics, when you are explaining, you are losing.

I’m left-leaning, and don’t understand the Hillary love. She’d be a step backward from Obama. Yes, Bernie’s got less than a snowball’s chance of getting through single-payer healthcare or a $15 minimum wage or some of his other idealist goals. But I don’t mind trying.

With Hillary, you get another hawkish, corporate shill; groomed by focus groups and with opinions formed by the latest polls. One who, by the way, is likely to make Republican opposition to Obama seem quaint in comparison. The passionate hate for her on the right cannot be underestimated - they are already calling her ‘ineligible’ and ‘disqualified’ and eagerly anticipating her criminal indictment (as laughable as the notion is).

Things may have changed, but the last polling I saw showed Bernie performing better or as well as her in hypothetical head-to-head matchups against any GOP candidates, so unless there is new data her electability advantage is a myth.

Anyway, left leaning Sanders supporter here.

Bernheads love those trial heat polls; the only problem is that Nate Silver, who is the guru of these matters, has shown that they are meaningless at this stage. Most voters don’t yet know about the stuff I was talking about: the Soviet honeymoon, the agnosticism or atheism; the advocacy of nationalizing major industries, etc. But if he becomes the nominee, you can be sure that Republicans will make sure everybody knows it.

Left-leaning. I’m all-in for Hillary. However, if I woke up on January 21, 2017 and Bernie Sanders were president, I would be ecstatic. Even more so than if Hillary won.

But again, go Hillary. And maybe make Bernie your Sec Labor.

I lean, um, center, but my preferred candidate and the one I’ll vote for is Clinton. If Sanders wins the nomination I’ll be voting for some 3rd party, since IMHO all the Republicans are crazy and/or don’t appeal to me at all.

Meh. The Pubs are going to spend the next ten months vomiting bullshit regardless of who the Dems choose. It’s not like choosing Hillary will make them more sober.

As I said elsewhere, the choice that matters is D vs R. It doesn’t matter who the D or the R stand for, given our options at this time.