If Trump gets the GOP nomination, Hillary should drop out and give it to Bernie

That is the apparently serious position being advanced in this piece, which an otherwise pretty sensible Bernhead shared on Facebook. Do any of the Sanders contingent here want to cosign this? Or do they recognize that it’s a risible piece of nonsense that they do not wish to be associated with? Rohrschach test maybe? I’m curious.

I’m a centrist (or a very liberal Republican) and I would never even consider voting for Trump…unless he was running against Sanders. Then I don’t know what I would do. If it is Trump-vs-Clinton then it’s a no-brainer to vote for Clinton.

I’ll take risible nonsense for $500, Alex.

I certainly agree. But are you a Hillary or Bernie supporter? I am interested in knowing if any Bernheads want to take ownership of this argument.

I’m a Clinton supporter but I think the article is nonsense.

Robinson himself makes a key point (while missing its implication) when he writes “In a number of hypotheticals, Sanders does better than Clinton at beating Trump, and his “unfavorable” ratings among voters are a good deal lower than Clinton’s.”

Why do these unfavorable opinions exist? Do they just emerge out of nothing? Obviously not, somebody is out there pushing them. I don’t believe it’s Sanders and his campaign. So it must be the Republicans.

But why would the Republicans be trying to influence public opinion against Clinton at this point? And the obvious answer is they’d rather face Sanders in the general election.

Sure, Sanders’ unfavorables are low now. It’s February. Does anyone really believe they’ll still be this low in September and October if he’s the Democratic nominee?

Some people seem to. They bask in his glow and can’t imagine others feeling differently, I think.

I actually think this writer comes across as a highfalutin’ version of a “BernieBro”. Isn’t his message, boiled down, essentially: “Trump will turn his patented fury on Hillary, she will wilt under the pressure, and everyone will see it Trump’s way. Whereas big tough Bernie would be immune to the bullying.” When you distill it into that essence, it looks rather sexist. He may not have consciously thought of it as such, but I really don’t think I’ve just invented something out of thin air there.

If it’s Trump v Sanders, I can write every speech Trump will give during his Presidential campaign:

“My opponent is a socialist. He will bankrupt the country.”

“My opponent is a socialist. He will take away your guns.”

“My opponent is a socialist. He will let in millions of immigrants.”

“My opponent is a socialist. He will raise taxes forever.”

I’m a Clinton supporter. This article is written by a Ph.D. student, a long winded Bernie Baby. The sooner Bernie is gone from the race , the better.

I support Sanders in the sense that I support nearly all of his positions–way more than those of Clinton.

This is absolutely idiotic. The general is won by centrists. Trump is a centrist. He needs to run against another centrist. The writer is in a liberal bubble and doesn’t realize that it’s the moderates who decide elections.

Hence why I also actually support Clinton as our best chance. I would only want Sanders to run if the Republicans had no chance of winning. It’s better to get some of what we want than none.

It is probably not germane that the author writes children’s stories.

It’s true that he’d give very different speeches if his opponent were Clinton. Everywhere that he would have said “he,” he’d say “she” instead.

I support Sanders, but the idea that Clinton “should” drop out is a non-starter, to the extent that I can’t even imagine why someone would take the time to set words to screen.

LOL, I didn’t catch that! Fantasy, I suppose.

The country’s mood is strongly against political insiders right now. Trump has completely defied conventional wisdom on the right and is crushing establishment candidates who are much better funded than he is. Hillary, with the backing of the entire Democratic establishment, is having to fight hard against a socialist who, in a normal political climate, wouldn’t be polling above 10%.

At this point, with this electorate, running against Trump, Sanders is more electable than Clinton. Polls back this up. People rationalize away the polls by saying “oh, once the attacks against Sanders begin in earnest, his numbers will drop”. That just whistling past the graveyard.

I don’t think Hillary should drop out. But the political calculus of voting for Clinton because she’s more electable in the general election than Sanders does not hold up to scrutiny.

But he’s pushing the country (or trying to, anyways) in a better direction, politically. The longer he stays in, the better. Granted, I’d prefer he doesn’t win the nom.

“At this point”, the graveyard is still ten miles down the road.

Well, maybe it’s a tired reaction to the months and months of ‘Bernie should drop out for the good of the country; he’s only hurting Hillary’s chances when she ultimately gets the nomination.’ Frankly, it’s refreshing to see someone being as bone-headed in the opposite direction.

That said, I have observed an interesting confluence of libertarian-leaning people on the right and progressives on the left. Those people on the right will generally not vote for Clinton because ‘establishment big-government’ but would vote for Bernie over any of the likely Republican candidates, because they’ve gotten tired of the right’s failure to live up to its small government promise, and would rather vote for a sincere ‘outsider’ who will spend their money on things like health care and education than on another Republican hate-monger, who is still going to spend their money anyway, but on things like walls and the military-welfare state.

I don’t know if that group is significant enough in size to challenge the truism that BigT mentioned; that centrists decide elections. But I do think that it is growing. Centrism has become synonymous with bloat, status quo, and corporate welfare, and its position as a significant political stance is waning. Maybe it’ll be this election cycle, maybe not, but I think we are on our way to seeing a center that is made up of an ever-shrinking group of people who insist on using yesterday’s solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

I have been following along fairly closely and haven’t observed that. Do you have an example? I just did some googling and found one thing resembling this from last September.

I’ll take on defending the opinion piece …

The author does not in fact posit that Hillary should drop out if Trump wins, but that Democratic primary voters should consider his argument that in fact Sanders is more electable against Trump than Hillary is. Of note, he wisely derides the hypothetical general election polls that show that as the nonsense that they are and makes other, IMHO, more reasoned arguments.

I don’t buy it but I do have some sympathy to the risk that Trump is appealing to a widespread anger against the status quo that exists across party lines. Hillary represents status quo in that dynamic, uterus notwithstanding.

He points out Hillary’s potential weaknesses against Trump and they do in fact exist.

It is true that her defense against Trump’s misogyny will be stymied by her past defense of Bill’s abuse of power in sexual matters. And various allegations regarding the Clinton Foundation and so on will be used to goad her if nothing else, put her on the defensive, and will be used by him when he outright lies in a “I’m a liar? No one lies like a Clinton!”

I remain convinced that Hillary is a better candidate against Trump than Bernie is and would be a better president than either, but I would not rate the arguments actually put forth as “nonsense” even if they are less than convincing. Team Hillary would be well advised to be prepared with tactical responses to the sort of crap Trump would (?will?)pull. It is completely different sort of game than a matchup against a more traditional politician entails.

I think she might be better off just ignoring Trump rather than letting him drag her down in the mud with him.

That’s a reasonable angle.

Yeah, if I were “Team Hillary,” I think I’d start out with responding to every stupid, racist, belligerent, impractical, personal, or nonsense remark Trump makes with: “That’s nice. Now do you have an actual position on the issue?” and simply refuse to engage.

If the clown car had actually done this consistently in the debates (not that they had anything to do with positions on issues), I don’t think that Trump would still be in the race right now. He can’t be out-bullied, and trying to do so is a losing game.