If you prefer Clinton but Sanders gets the nom, will you vote for him?

Spinoff from this thread. Seems fair to turn it around. If you’re a Democrat who prefers Clinton, but Sanders gets the nomination, will you vote for Sanders in the general election? If not, why not? And if you don’t vote for Sanders, whom will you vote for? Or, will you just not vote?

I live in Illinois with an important US Senate race. I’d vote for Sanders because I always vote. He’s better than Trump, Rubio, or Cruz.

I’d Absolutely vote for Bernie Bern in that situation.

No…I won’t vote for Sanders. I think he’s a left wing nut akin to many of the right wing nuts the Pubs are running. If Sanders gets the nod then I’ll vote 3rd party. If Sanders and Trump get the nod then I’m going to seriously consider moving to Canada…I honestly won’t be able to say that I understand my fellow citizens if they give me the choice between Sanders and Trump. :confused:

However, I’m confident that Clinton will get the nod, so all should be good.

No, I wouldn’t. I’m a Republican voting for Hillary because, while I think she’s further to the left of me on many issues she’d run the country as a centrist like Bill Clinton or Obama have, and I’m mostly good with that. Her foreign policy positions are also closer to mine than Obama’s, so it’d be an upgrade. But Bernie is far too removed from what I want as President policy wise and management wise, I would never vote for him.

Will Sanders make better Supreme Court picks and support an agenda I can live with better than the GOP guy? Pretty much certainly. So, yup, I’ll vote for him.

Sanders calls himself a socialist, and is one by American standards, but if you look at his policies, he’s really what in Europe would be called a social democrat, as distinct from a socialist, even a democratic socialist. And a social democrat is no “left-wing nut,” he’s just a pol who would like the U.S. to be a lot more like Scandinavia or . . . well . . . Canada; you can’t get away from it by moving there.

And Canada has a left wing leader atm…but in Canada with their political system it seems to work well. In ours? Sanders will be, IMHO, an out and out disaster, and our political system will be even more entrenched and fucked up with him at the helm. The only thing that might be worse is Trump at the helm. If I only have the choice between those too I’m seriously considering opting out. I still have a lot of friends in Canada and some job opportunities I could take if it comes to that.

“In ours?” The Queen has no Governor-General here, but what else is really very different?

Certainly I’d vote for Bernie. A third party vote would be the same as voting for the GOP.

I will vote for the Democrat, whoever it is, no matter whom I voted for in the primary. In every single presidential election I voted in, I voted for a candidate I did not vote for in the primary. I was pretty happy to vote for some of them, less happy to vote for others. If Clinton wins the primary, it will be the first time someone I voted for in the primary wins.


Dude, seriously? Have you not been paying attention all during Obama’s administration? Do you seriously think that it will somehow magically be better if Sanders gets elected?? :smack: Well, maybe you do think it would be better. Personally, I think the man is a nut, and his nuttiness will exacerbate the current political situation. YMMV, but I won’t vote for him regardless…just looking at some of his speeches, his web site, some of the things he’s said and done, etc, there is no way in hell I’d vote for him.

Yes. I don’t trust any Republican running to agree with me on abortion rights, gun control, immigration policy, or police brutality, and those issues are pivotal to me.

Of course I will. I doubt much of anything he proposes will get implemented, but it might serve to change the discussion from the current mess.
Though I live in California so it won’t matter.

The system of government and the party systems for two examples. A long history of the social programs Sanders advocates for another.

If he got elected and got his stuff through, we might be as miserable as gasp people in Sweden or Norway. The horror.

Wanting the most powerful country on Earth to treat its citizens as well as other first world countries isn’t nutty, IMHO.

And exacerbating the gridlock doesn’t mean he’s a nut, it means that half our country support the utterly stupid policies of the GOP.

I’m not completely sold on Sanders but I like him better than any of the Republican choices, so yes.


I wanted Clinton 8 years ago, but I voted for Obama over McCain and McCain is a hell of a lot better than Rubio, Cruz, or Trump. (Yes, I know McCain is quite conservative, but he never accused Obama of purposely trying to screw up the country (Rubio), or accused an opponent of French-kissing Obama (Cruz), and Trump? Ha! At least McCain would have tried to do something about campaign finance).