Hispanic Little Person Wanted


I honestly don’t know if this is serious or not, but…

If it is, which would make sense for this ridiculous state, it’s so far past offensive that it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever encountered on our local Craigslist.

Just thought I’d share.

I’ve heard of this sort of thing. There is no way I would ever need money that badly. I’m glad you think it’s so over-the-top ridiculously offensive, actually (better than what the guy is thinking – “Hey, let’s hire a midget for the party! YEAH! A MEXICAN midget! That’d be fucking hilarious!”), but to me, it’s just flat-out wrong and depressing.

Note that I am 4’2" and am off in the morning to my nice cozy cubicle where I do a real job and get treated with respect by my coworkers and my boss.

A Mexican midget that’s A WALKING CHIP DISH!


Yeah, exactly. Some people need to learn that you are a person even if you are four feet tall. I do have a sense of humor about my stature, but there’s a vast difference between laughing at yourself and having somebody else pointing and laughing at you.

Especially when the chips are down.

Okay, you win! That’s awful. :slight_smile:

I like the “If female, must be attractive” part. As if there are so many Hispanic Little People in the area that will want to do this that he can be picky about looks.

I think my favorite part is the “somewhat authentic costume.” I wonder what this person’s idea of a not-at-all-authentic costume would be.

HEY! I grew up in North Carolina* and I…agree with your assessment completely.

  • Nawth Ca’lina for those of you vocalizing along at home

That’s actually when I started laughing/depressed. It’s such a particular detail that only a special kind of asshole, the kind who thinks a walking chip dish is hysterical, would ever include. “You’re Mexican, you’re Little, you’re willing to humiliate yourself for 200 dollars, but Jesus you look nothing like Penelope Cruz - back of the line!”

I can’t believe the uproar. You know this person was being sensitive. The first draft I’m sure was “Little Midget Spic needed as a Chip Dish.” You should be applauding their PC’ness. I know when I needed a negro to serve the watermellon at my picnic this summer, if I could get a Picaninny I wanted one who could sing and dance. That doesn’t seem any worse than wanting the spic girl to be pretty.

Man, you guys have got to lighten up.

I have a vague recollection of reading a news story about a Mexican little person who actually did this – he made his living by going to parties and allowing people to scoop salsa out of a sombrero he wore. He was not at all popular with the little people community, and I believe there was a lawsuit.

I wish I could remember more, I’d look up the story.

Am I the only person who immediately thought of Chuy Bravo when he saw this thread title?

Let me tell you, the arguments about “if some guy wants to make a living that way and it doesn’t bother him good for him” vs “if that guy makes that living that way it makes the rest of our lives harder because people think we are freaks or something” have gone on and on and on. This includes actors who take parts that are felt by some to be demeaning. And then there’s what parts/jobs are demeaning and which aren’t; human chip dish is pretty obviously demeaning, but what about stuff like Mini-Me? Everybody in those movies was over-the-top parody. But some people were offended by him.

Craigslist. When you want to feel a little Mexican.