Historical significance of your birthday

Do any major anniversaries/events fall on your birthday?

For me: for the 1st 140 or so years of U.S. history, my birthday was an outgoing President’s last full day in office.

I was born on the day Rosa Parks refused to get up from her bus seat.

You told me that when we met. :smiley:

The Epiphany of Christ. Not sure of the ‘historical’ significance of this but it is recognized as a religious day of celebration.

Mine is D-Day, my sister’s is the Ides of March.

I was born on the 18th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Considering that my research is in equity in education, and I’ve edited a book about Brown, that’s a pretty cool coincidence…

I share a birthday with MLK Jr. Not the same year, though.

Also, that flight landed in the Hudson River on my birthday three years ago.

Let’s see…

I was born on the very day that Pan American Airlines began regular worldwide service.

It was the 8th anniversary of Joe DiMaggio’s final game.

It was the fifth anniversary of the day Ho Chi Minh entered Hanoi after the French withdrawal.

It was the first anniversary of two nuclear tests; one in Nevada, the other in the USSR.

Porgy and Bess opened on Broadway in 1935.

A lot of World Series’ were decided on that day.

In 1917, the NY Giant Rube Benton became the first left-handed pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the World Series. (I’m left-handed, too.)

The first dinner jacket was worn to a ball in Tuxedo Park, NY.

I could go on, and so can you. Right here.

As does my mom.

May Day.

The first World Series game.

Opening of Walt Disney World.

Flag Day was the first thing that came to mind; but I had no idea that the Roswell UFO incident happened on that date in 1947.

Custer’s last stand. Also know as Antichristmas day.

Cool =)
1961 1st Saturn launch vehicle makes an unmanned flight test 1961 American Basketball League starts play 1961 Outer Mongolia and Mauritania become 102nd and 103rd members of UN

A few notable events occurred on my birthday:

According to tradition, Dom Perignon invented Champagne.

Somebody took an axe to Lizzie Borden’s parents.

The UK declared war on Germany during WWI.

The Gestapo found Anne Frank and her family.

Let’s see, Lincoln died, the Titanic sank, taxes are due. Yeah, people love my birthday.

Falls on or around Thanksgiving.

Mine is apparently the anniversary of the first actual instance of a bug found in a computer, smashed between the relays of a very large machine at Harvard. The Sony Playstation was also officially launched on my 14th birthday, which is probably only important to someone who plays as many video games as I do. :smiley:

A friend of mine was born on what would have been Nikola Tesla’s 129th birthday, had he managed to live that long. Another was born on the Ides of March, which involved a lot of jokes about Caesar leading up to her birthday party. One of my relatives was born on the anniversary of the first moon landing.

The Anschluss.

For Littlebro, the battle of Lepanto.