History of hurricane tracking

As I sit here, waiting to weather the second hurricane to hit Florida in three weeks, I was wondering how the history of hurricane tracking developed.

When did the first tracking start? How has its accuracy evolved over the years? The last time two storms hit Florida was in the 1950s, when Hurricane Easy was followed by Hurricane King six weeks later.

How and when did they come up with the naming convention? We’ve been warned that this storm was definitely coming for about five days now. How much lead time did residents have when tracking first started? What shelters and evacuation routes (if any) were set up? And have weather historians studied past events to determine that what they now know is a hurricane hit the state 100 or 200 or 300 years ago?

I think you can find pretty much everything here. The NOAA website is one of, if not THE, biggest website in the world, so be forewarned.