History Website

I’m probably asking for too much, but I was wondering:

Is there any credible history website, with an easy search feature?

I know the website would have to HUGE in order to encompass the vast amounts of history, so I’m thinking that there isn’t one, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

History Channel website

It has links, too

Discoverer’s Web
Smithsonian Institution

What period of history are you looking for? That would help narrow the choices (I have lots of links to ancient/mediaeval sites).


Thanks all! To tell the truth, I’m actually suprised that there are history sites out there like these :slight_smile:

I suggest:

The Authentic History Center which has lots of links to artifacts, and Americana.

Museumstuff.com has links to virtual exhibits, and loads of other info.

This site is packed with American Studies links.

The History News Network has some good stuff as well.