Hit Me Baby 1 More Time 6/02/05

Oh my Lover boy has way past gone to seed. I’m 15 minutes into this and can’t seem to look away.

Anyone else watching?

I think Kelly Clarkson just got an eerie look into the future.

Come on you know you guys all watched it.

I didn’t (because I can’t ever remember to watch stuff) and I want dirt!

Tiffany’s Boobs seemed well perserved, but she would have looked much better in something not so tight. She is not a fat girl, but the outfit she chose to wear to cover the Kelli Clarkson song was too tight. Has she had a broken nose at some point?

CC Petison was awesome. Looked great and sounded great.

Flock of Seaguls and Loverboy were just sad.

Arested Development won the audience vote.

The Little Gay host of the contest said he had a crush on Tiffany in 1987. Wasn’t that cute!

The same audio engineering nightmares American Idol has appeared here too, you’d imagine with only five acts they’d be able to do proper sound checks.

I was expecting some sort of nostalgia-stoked battle of the bands that we’d get to vote on, guess I’ve been watching AI too much. I found myself unable to care which act won or which charity would be getting the money, surely they’re all equally worthy, yadda yadda.

Rather disappointing, IMO.

I checked to see who would be on tonight and decided not to watch.
I thought I’d want to see the Knack “My Sharona” (1979) and Tommy Tutone “867-5309” (1982). However, after from what I’ve read from other “Dopers” maybe it is better not to see bands that are more than 2 decades past their prime. (Might make me feel old too !!!)

The whole thing just made me feel old.
Loverboy was prime roller skating music when I was a teen. Now they’re just old dudes with a shaky voiced lead singer.
Flock of Seagulls. Oh man. That was NOT the same guy was it?

It was very sad.

Tiffany looked fairly hot though. For her age, which is also my age I think…

:eek: :eek: :eek:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

:eek: :eek: :eek: Evidently. you missed “Flock of Seaguls” :eek: :eek: :eek:

I watched it, but I was really bored. I didn’t care who won at all.

I really wanted to watch this trainwreck but could not because I had to work late. Please tell me more. What songs did they sing? Someone mentioned that Tiffany sang a Kelly Clarkson song. Did they all sing current songs, or did some of them sing their own hits? Is this something that’s going to continue on a weekly basis, or was this a one-time thing?

I believe the question of the ages, “Were the guys in A Flock of Seagulls gay?” has been answered.

Not…a…chance. At least not the singer, unless he’s in a long-term relationship and has let himself go to pot(belly) like any other old, married guy. Could he have even showered and changed after cleaning out the garage?

Little?!? he looked to be like 7 feet tall to me! He towered over everybody. He seemed like a male Carol Smillie.
I thought Arrested Development was good, but I also thought it was kind of unfair because they’re a good ten years younger than Loverboy or Flock of Seagulls.

Loverboy and FOS were can’t-stop-watching-pathetic. Mike Reno needs to go back to wearing headbands. FOS’s Mike Score has morphed into Mike Love.

Tiffany looked like she was pregnant with that outfit.

It was kind of scary to see the older guys, the women held up well. CC can still sing and I think she was the best of the night, Tiffany couldn’t hold a candle to Kelly Clarkson on that cover.

How did Arrested Development win the audience vote? Maybe I’m just biased since I hate rap/hip hop but their cover of How Far is Heaven was painful. CC was robbed.

Tiffany wasn’t chubby at all in April 2002 when she was in Playboy. I’m just saying.

Maybe she is pregnant? She’s only 33.

We were disappointed by the “legendary” bands. Loverboy was the only band that wasn’t really a one-hit wonder. We were waiting for REO Speedwagon and Jethro Tull and Journey and such.

The format was that each band would do their big hit from the old days and then do a current song from someone else. Interesting concept that didn’t work out that well in practice, IMHO.

*Loverboy and FOS, as others have said, have not aged gracefully. Tiff was dressed in the worst stuff ever. CeCe is clearly a good vocalist, and got extra points from us for having the boy-toy dancers behind her (and not being upstaged by them). Arrested Development don’t seem to have changed (it’s only been 12 years since their debut, so that’s not all that surprising) and seem to be still wearing the same clothes.

Unless better bands show up we won’t be watching it again.

*Links provided for completeness only–I would certainly NOT recommend buying any of this stuff!

Arrested Development brought down the house with their rap/reggae version of Los Lonely Boys’ “How far is Heaven?”

Who was that old guy on stage with them? Was that the famed “Mr. Wendall”?

I just watched this on TiVo. The sound and the mouths didn’t match and everything was muffled. It was driving me crazy.

And FOS scared me. Holy crap.