World Idol

By golly that Norwegian guy is good The voting was just on TV.

I’m really happy with the outcome. The winner deserved it.

Excellent news, I had a bet that would be the outcome I do wonder if he would have without the hobbit references by our own Dicko though, in the time of LOTR hysteria the teenage girl voting bloc have quite the thing for Middle Earth, I do not doubt his worthiness, I just doubt in the taste of those who vote for these things sometimes

I thought he deserved to win - not only did he sing very well but he picked a song with huge appeal, which always helps. I do think all the nasty comments about his appearance might have inspired a bit of sympathy voting tho.

Just before the program started I said “Crap! I was going to put money on the Norwegian guy!” Ah well, too little too late…

Kelly Clarkson looked utterly stricken that she was consistently coming second behind Bono boy, and Will Young looked shocked at how low he was scoring as well. That’ll teach them to listen to Pete and Simon’s flattery. Similarly, I think it rather cool that the guy who sang Nirvana and who got slammed by the judges came in a very respectable third.

Gimme a break. I don’t believe for a second that people voted for Kurt because he looked like a hobbit. People voted for him because he had the best performance last week.

I don’t think anyone voted for Kurt specifically because of his looks, but I think the “Middle Earth Idol” comment may have inspired some people who thought “If I were voting, I’d vote for him, but I’m not voting” to change their minds and call in. Maybe not enough to tip the vote in any country, but it sure didn’t hurt. Truth is, he’s more boringly ordinary than ugly, but several of the people he was sharing the stage with were unusually attractive so that made him look worse than he really is. And it wasn’t supposed to be a beauty contest but a talent show. I do think some other boringly ordinary people might have been cheesed enough by the negative comments to get off the sofa and vote for him.

From where I’m sitting, it sure looked like Kelly Clarkson assumed she’d win in a cakewalk and was disappointed by the close vote well before it was all over.

Not only that, but I was extremely disappointed by the shameless plugs for Kelly, even before the voting results were announced.

I felt a bit sorry for Kelly Clarkson and Will Young. Clarkson clearly expected to win easily and seemed embarrassed at the outcome and Young probably expected to finish second to Clarkson, not fifth. He seemed embarrassed as well.

I am very happy that Kurt Nilsen won because he was great. At her best, Clarkson is at least as good, perhaps better, but her performance was nothing special, while Nilsen’s was spectacular. He sang the hell out of a song that I wasn’t even that fond of to begin with.

WTF was with the voting in the Arab countries? They had the awful German guy in first place, the wacky Polish girl third and Clarkson, Young and Nilsen near the bottom!

When I saw Kurt’s pic on, the first thing that came to mind was, “Wow, Jimmy Osmond has really let himself go!”

He looks like David Mellor’s lovechild.

What a scary thought. Actually, considering David Mellor’s love life it’s entirely possible.

My husband and I thought Kurt did a fantastic job. I’m glad he won, but he did more of a karaoke performance. He sounded exactly like Bono (to the amazement of hubby and me). I would like to hear him sing another song to see if he would sound different or if he just happens to sing like Bono. The boy does have a stunning singing voice, though, no matter who he sounds like.

I’m so glad Peter came in third. Take that, Simon!

And Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. I’m disappointed in her sourpuss “I thought I was going to win” look.

Hey, Pan Arab region: Alexander?!?! WTF!

I don’t think Kurt sounds like Bono that much; he sounds more like Morten Harket. Both the American and the British contestants were piss poor losers. Also I read in the newspaper how the British contestant before the performances last week, wouldn’t even shake Kurt’s hand.

I have never watched a single episode of Idol before; still this thing inspired a rare sense of national pride in me. Weird.


Kelly’s crying all the way to the bank, Lutefisk Boy.

Oh yeah!?



I got nothing…

I think both Kelly and Kurt did fine jobs, though I was dissapointed in the Aussie contender Guy Sebastian. He belted out some wonderful performances here in Oz during Aussie Idol a few weeks ago, but chose a shit song to croon along to like a stuffed pig on the night. If anyone watched the Aussie Idol you would have to agree that now perhaps Guy was not the best choice to represent us. Where was Paulini when you needed her?

I took that into consideration when watching, because some of the performances were shocking. ‘Maniac’ ???
I am going to assume that they had put on some really impressive shows back home to win their individual Idols, but pulled up VERY short on the big night. Because, if that was indiciative of the best England, Denmark, Germany (and some I can’t even remember where they came from) can do, I think they should stop holding auditions for another Idol, because it’s only going to get worse!

I agree that Kelly was probably expecting to do well, but why not she has anamazing voice and has probably never given a bad performance in her life.

You should have. I read that some oddsmakers were putting him at 17 to 1.

Did you get the Fox feed or the Canada one? I thought the Kelly plugs and her comments on the other performers were only in the Fox feed, which didn’t matter because Americans couldn’t vote for her.

If Guy Sebastian had sung “When Doves Cry” or “Climb Every Mountain” like he did in our own competition, I think that Clarkson gal may have come third instead of second. Guy’s amazing voice and connection with an audience really didn’t show in the re-arrangement of “What a Wonderful World”, which was very disappointing.

Ah well, it’s not the end of the world. Kurt Nilsen won fair and square - I liked that he didn’t celebrate or show off until after the final vote had been read. He seemed to find it funny that he’d won, which made me like him even more :slight_smile:

I did wonder if the Pan-Arab votes had been read out backwards or something, but I suppose if there’d been a mistake someone would have kicked up a fuss by now.