Hitachi dvd camcorder--model number

I purchased a Hitachi dvd camcorder for dirt cheap at Circuit City. It was a display, and came with the camcorder only. I now find that I need the AC power cord to finalize anything and I need the model number to order the cord. It was bought about a year ago, and anything mentioning the model has disappeared. I do not see a model listed anywhere, but there must be a way to find out.

Is the model number not on a label somewhere on the unit?

What Sunspace said. Also it is unlikey that the unit accepts a direct AC plug in. If you can find the right model # most modern palm sized camcorders can probably be run with a AC-DC multi adapters unless it has a really unusual DC input plug.

Look on the very bottom of the unit.

I am not too bright. After examining the underside of the unit, inside where the disc goes, and opening up the screen, as well as pushing random buttons without success, I finally got the brilliant idea of taking off the battery. Model BZBX35a. While I cannot find that identical ac power adapter online, I found a number of Universal adapters, most of which say they will fit Hitachi.