Need Help Finding Cords for DVD Player

My grandma bought a floor model portable DVD player. She got a hell of a good deal on it, but it’s missing the cords. She needs an AC cord, or a cigarette lighter cord. (She has an adapter in the car that will allow her to use AC.)

It’s a Panasonic DVD-LA95. I tried their web site, but it looks like the cords are about $175. (This can’t be right, can it?)

I looked around on the 'Net, but being the non-technical sort, I’m having trouble finding the right one-- and when I do find something, I’m not sure if I can trust the company, having never shopped for this sort of thing.

Can anyone help me?

The Panasonic replacement parts are extremely expensive - I couldn’t get a DVD replacement remote anywhere else that would work our DVD player and I had to blow $40 for a Panasonic replacement part.

What does the thing the cord plugs into look like? If it’s one of those little recesses with two little prong things horizontally, you can buy those for not too much. Why don’t you take the unit down to Best Buy or Radio Shack or somewhere and ask them?
Geez…the cord is $79.99 not including shipping.

Have you used this company before, Reeder?

They’re called cables, not cords. Maybe that will help in your searching.

No, it’s one of those single holes into which you insert the silvery cord end.

I did. Radio Shack claimed they didn’t carry one which would work. (Rarely, if ever, has Radio Shack had what I need. I don’t know why I bother.) They suggested I contact Panasonic.

I’m willing to go off-brand if some tech-smart person can figure out what cords would work for me.

Going to and looking for that model number (Panasonic DVD-LA95) shows that it takes either an AC adapter (part number N0JEEJ000001) or an automotive adapter (part number DY-DC95). Their prices are $73.75 for the AC model (plus $8.03 for the required power cord – part number RJA0065-1D) and $136.45 for the auto version.

If you Google those part numbers, however, you can find prices for the AC adapter (in some cases with cord included) for $29 and up. The automotive adapter sells for $80 and up.

For $29 you can get an off brand replacement here.

Thanks, guys.

Tonight I happened to be at Wal-Mart, and I found a multi-pronged AC adapter cable which says it’s powerful enough to run a small TV. Grandma is coming over in the morning with the DVD player to see if it works. If it does, I’ve just solved the problem for $17 . . . if not, then your suggestions will certainly come in handy.

I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

The specs for both the OEM adapter and Panasonic equivalent adapter linked by Tapioca Dextrin is 9 volts at 2 amps. Very few “mutl-tip / multi-pronged” AC power adapters I know of can deliver that kind of amperage without frying. Make sure the adapter can safely deliver the current input requirements of the device.

Okay, this is scary.

It worked when I plugged it in. I set it on 9V, and everything seemed like it was working fine. What will happen? How will I know if it’s frying?

I think the smell of burning plastic is the giveaway. :wink:

Seriously, take a look at the adapter. It will have a rating on it somewhere (that’s the number just before the mA) . If it says 800 or less, then the thing will probably overheat and stop working, possibly resulting in dire consequences.

If it says 2A, you’re safe.

Ask yourself if it’s worth the (very small) risk of starting a house fire just to save $15 or so.

I called grandma, and she told me that it said 1000 mA. (I’ll look at it tomorrow in person, since she’s even less tech-savvy than I am, and might have been readong the wrong number.)

She’s planning to use this device primarily in the car. She’s caring for a 10-month old baby, and is taking a car trip. She thinks that if the child can watch her favorite Elmo DVDs she’ll be more content to sit in her carseat for long periods of time.