Hitching posts.

This thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=402256, reminded me of an incident from my childhood. This was the late forties and my uncle lived in a small farming community. Local people still ocassionally rode their horses and/or wagons to town. My cousin, about my age, had a habit of “finding things” that weren’t lost and my grandfather had cautioned my uncle that he’d better teach her better, or one day she was going to start rustling cattle. A short time later my cousin came home leading a horse, bridle, saddle and all, saying she had found it. Apparently she had untied it from a hitching post, w/o anyone seeing her, and led it home.
I’ve always referred to her as my “kissin’ cousin” because she was quite attractive and flirty. I had a crush on her as a kid, even though my mother informed me that it was a no-no. She married at 14 and was w/ the same man until he died a few years ago. Quite a gal, my cousin.

Cute story. How old was she?

That reminds me of the tales my kids’ Grandmother tells of her childhood (she’s 80+). One family in their area had an old horse who was too old to use for working the farm. They allowed their son to hitch him to a wagon each day and pick up other children from neighboring farms to go to the one-room school house. The boy turned the horse out on the school grounds to graze until time to go home. Kind of like the Original School Bus. :wink:

We were both born in '39, so she was 8-10 at the time.