Hitler and the Ladyboys

There have been a series of fake-subtitle scenes from the excellent film Downfall (2004), but this is perhaps one of the best:

Hitler and the Ladyboys

It’s still good even if you don’t know anything about that Sin City called Pattaya, but the more you know about it the better. Such as Obsessions being a popular transvestite bar and so many farangs (Westerners) jumping from so many balconies in the city that “balcony jumping” has become a meme here.

“Up Next: Hitler takes too much Viagra”

Stolen Bikes? :confused:

Just letting you know I reported the link as NSFW and should be spoilered. I don’t object to it but it was a little offputting to open it at my desk and one of the first subtitles is " his cock is bigger than mine."

Irish curse?

Ah, sorry about that. I didn’t think of that.

It’s not uncommon for farang men to “sponsor” their bargirl girlfriends. That essentially means sending them money while they’re back in Farangland. Bargirls are almost always from a rural background, and requests from the girl for more money for the family’s sick water buffalo has become a stereotype. Requests for money to replace a supposedly stolen motorcycle are also common.